A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Tom Hanks is Mr. Rogers

There really is no one more perfect for the role.

I feel like we just saw this, with the documentary.

That said Hanks is a great choice for the role.

Maybe too good? I feel like it falls a bit into the uncanny valley, and makes me a bit uncomfortable.

My god, there really isn’t. As someone who got to meet the man, Hanks unsurprisingly nailed it.

I can’t wait to see this.

Daniel Day-Lewis could’ve done it. Like, that’s a jokey response here for Tom’s benefit, but seriously, I’ll bet he actually could’ve done a great job.

I know I’m getting old and sappy, but Mister Rogers brings tears to my eyes. The world needs more people like him in it.

Someone is cutting onions in this room , damn onions.

I recall seeing this recently and the humbleness and re-direction where he is getting the award, but asking everyone in the crowd to reflect on the people who have made a difference in that person’s life.

Also this follow up video was really good.

There probably is no role Daniel Day-Lewis couldn’t pull off.

I’m not feeling this. I’ve seen so much of Mr. Rogers in the last couple years (relatively speaking) that Tom Hanks looks slightly off, and I certainly don’t care about the other characters in the plot.

I’d rather go watch old episodes on Twitch.

I grew up with mister Rogers, and i feel like we need more of him in the world.

I never got the appeal, and greatly preferred Sesame Street.

This seems needlessly meta?


I read this book by a reporter who befriended him (not the same one in the movie I think):


And it’s AMAZING.

Ah, it’s based on the experiences of the author who wrote this:

Love Mr. Rogers with all of my heart. Like Hanks, too. I only seem to watch Star Wars movies on release day but I’ll certainly be watching this one as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks Brian. Thought that was a narrative conceit built specifically for the movie.


I mean, I love the Tom Hanks casting as much as anyone, but we all know Hanks is overdue to milkshake duck us any day now, right? It’s bound to happen. We’re living in exactly that kind of timeline.

I’ve been saying this for years. Seriously, you guys, try to think of a role that wouldn’t be better if Daniel Day-Lewis had been cast. Go on, just try. You can’t do it.


Tyler Perry’s Madea?

I know, right? How much more awesome would that have been with Daniel Day-Lewis playing the role!