A bit of madness is key in Lovecraft Letter


Seiji Kanai’s Love Letter, a game about getting a princess to like you, has come a long way in five years.

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Fascinating, may need to buy this.


This looks awesome. I recently played Love Letter with some friends here in Raleigh for an hour or two and had a blast, but the changes this introduces sound great!


Played a few rounds of this just tonight! There’s something very satisfying about driving one of your friends insane by forcing them to drop the Mi-Go Braincase.


Yes there are some fun interactions for sure. Swapping Cthulhu for the… what was the non crazy 8… only to have the person you swapped with draw an investigator?

Good times.


The Necronomicon. Which makes Cthulhu the Crazy Eight! I like it.



Is the 2 players variant enjoyable? Or do I have to make friends?!


I’ve only tried two-player once. It’s OK, but the game really shines with 4-5.


I love this question so much. It made me smile this morning.

Regardless, @ineffablebob is correct. It’s a much better game with four players.



OMG Dingus likes a game!!!


Just a bit insane!


One of the guys in our group, who hates Lovecraft Letter, claims that the Liber Ivonis is “broken”. He hasn’t weighed in yet on Cthulhu, the Hounds of Tindalos, or the Shining Trapezohedron.



Eh, all the insane cards are broken in certain situations. That’s what makes them fun!


I can easily imagine Cthulhu cultists playing this game in their downtime.

“This is [the] sort of thing”


Did everyone playing this know that you can only use the Insane effect of a card if you already have an Insane card in your discard pile? In other words, you can’t just plop down a Liber Ivonis or Deep Ones right out of the gate. I mean, you can, but you won’t get to use their super cool Liber Ivonis or Deep One effect. You have to use the Sane effect until you’ve somehow gotten another Insanity card in your discard pile, which also means you’ve got to make it past at least one Sanity draw first.

Did everyone but me know that already? Am I the only one who’s been playing this wrong all along?



I only played the Lovecraft version of Love Letter for the first time last week, and we played this correctly. I like the game- think I’m going to pick it up as most people think vanilla LL gets boring in my group.


Yes, that’s what makes the insane mechanic more fun, in my opinion. You have to risk the sanity check before you get to do the good stuff.


I didn’t know this either. Neither did anybody else in our table-top group. And these are smart people! Rocket scientists and people who wear cuff-links! When Tom explained this to me today, I was all, “Wuuuuut?” And then I realized exactly what you say. It makes perfect sense. We just missed it.

Our friend Tony has some weird stat about how an ungodly percentage of board games are being played wrong at any given time. He puts it better than I just did, but you get what I mean. And Tony just got another data point for his weird graph.

Dang it.