A Bloodbowl/Chaos League management sim

I’ve always enjoyed sports management sims and was wondering if anyone has ever made a management sim about a brutal fantasy football type game?

I’d be more than happy to fire up DosBox to play it.

If thhere isn’t one kicking around, why the heck not?

Chaos League is both brilliant and fairly recent (2002 I think).

Otherwise there’s Speedball and… ehh… what the hell was it called? Mutant League or something, I think old Midway game.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much management involved in Chaos League (Which I do own.). I’m looking for something with an emphasis on management. Training, stats, upgradable stadiums. A glorified spreadsheet if you will. Something like an early Football Manager.

There’s this old game called M.U.D.S. that might be worth a look. The management aspect was pretty elaborate, perhaps more elaborate than the action game (which can be given to the AI, IIRC). And it’s probably the only game that allowed the player to bribe not only the refereee, but also the ‘ball’.

You might want to take a look at Java Blood Bowl with the Fumbbl online league

This is your first post?

I think I love you.

Seems I remember an old Blood Bowl game or something. I wish there was an update, no doubt, but that’s GW for you.

I have both the ancient PC version of Blood Bowl and the 2002 Chaos League. Both are very light on the management though.

I’m seriously considering doing the Java Blood Bowl and fumbll thing even though it isn’t quite what I’m looking for.

You are aware of the upcoming Blood Bowl game, I presume?

Thanks :)

Does it allow you to manage the team, have transfers, upgrade your stadium, train players, deal with media, etc. for a career starting in lower leagues and working your way up like Baseball Mogul or Premier Manager does?

Those of your questions that have an answer are answered by the FAQ on this site: http://www.bloodbowldigital.com/