A Call to Arms! (A desperate man in need of avatars)

Distant acquaintances of the Qt3 continuum, I call upon you for assistance.

I am in post production on my film “Channeling” and am in need of avatars to put next to people’s text messages and usernames. The movie is pretty social-networking heavy and we don’t have the money to license tons of avatars. As a result, I come to you hat in hand, looking for some cool little pics top put into the film.

If this is something you guys (and gal or two) can help with, I would be much obliged.

You can feel free to post your submissions here, or you can email me directly at [email protected]

Many thanks, happy Halloween!


Have you tried Google? There must be zillions of appropriate images in the public domain. The trick is to find honest to god repositories, not the horrible fake SEO sites that will cluster at the top of your search results.

flickr often has free stuff to use, you can search for copyright free content

Or you could just turn avatars on here and check out what people already have. EG: This is yours:

Or just follow one of the other suggestions that isn’t from someone being an asshole.

What one earth did he do to deserve that? If you don’t have anything nice and so on…

His name is Noot. Nobody calls him Rebecca except his brother, and he’s dead.

Thanks guys, I’ve tried some of the free sites and like Miramon suggested it’s hard to sort through the legit ones.

Just thought I’d get some interesting ones off Qt3 :)

I find it amusing that someone with 100 posts is calling someone else a stupid newbie. You got 99 problems and a post is one.

I’m pretty sure that’s Nutsak. It was a joke, and he was even self-deprecating.

I’ll think I can scrounge up some pics for you

Correct and if I wasn’t so busy I’d probably help the guy out.

I have a good idea for an avatar.