A Cheese Thread? No Whey!

I can’t believe we don’t have a cheese thread. That most melty, gooey, salty, chewy, versatile, and delicious of foodstuffs.

If you could only have one kind of cheese for the rest of your life, what would it be? Which one is simply irreplaceable?

What’s your favorite cheese dish? What’s the most expensive cheese you’ve ever had?

I love me some cheese! I am addicted to these cheese sticks for awhile now, sharp cheddar-jack. I did math and I average a pack a week, and that is like 30 pounds of cheese a year. D:

Enjoy a video that talks about cheese around the world:

Manchego cheese - the best reason to tilt at windmills!


I’m not a cheese aficionado but I do like trying out different cheeses. But as boring as it may be, I do like cheddar. In particular, the Costco around here carries Balderson Cheddar which has a nice cheddary flavour. Driving home from vacation, we went right past their plant near Perth, Ontario. My wife wanted to turn around and stop at their factory store, but it was late and we had another 4 hours on the road so we will try to stop there next time we vacation near there.

Aged provolone.

Parmigiano-Reggiano. The undisputed king of all cheese.

Also P-R. Amazing stuff. At Lupa in NYC, with Balsamic of Modena. Blown away.

OMG yes. I love all cheeses. One of my comfort foods is Cracker Barrel mac and cheese. But my wife loves a good brie, as do I.

Mmmmm, smoked gouda.

Munster or Brie. But they’re all good.

A local pizzeria has Gorgonzola salad dressing, and I like to dip breadsticks in it.

My favorite cheese is going to the Tillamook cheese factory and eating as many different kinds as possible. Sadly I don’t live close enough any more to do it regularly.

I met Lady Bismarck in an affinage in Toulouse. I thought she was local and tried my best broken French on her and then found out she was from New York.

Her answer to favourite cheese is any of the Buche de Chevre goat cheeses from the nearby areas.

For me it has to be cheddar, which is a boring answer but I love the versatility. A nice sharp and slightly crumbly cheddar can do so many things. I also quite enjoy Gjetost, which is like someone said “what if I made fudge out of cheese?” It’s not something I have frequently though.

We make our own mozzarella and cheddar now. The cheddar is a lot more involved as the maturation process is magnitudes longer, but it’s all tasty.

Cheese is like sex. Etc. The only cheeses I don’t like are vegan and casu marzu.

Love, love, love cheese. The GF and I have a (joking) pact that if at any point we’re unable to have cheese again, take us out of our misery.

Used all the time: feta, parmigiano, romano, a rotating assortment of Brie and or Cheve.

Truly love: a good and very sharp cheddar and ALL blue cheeses.

Some amazing ones I’ve had or frequent: Roaring Fourties Blue, true Gorgonzola in Italy as the highlight of a true four cheese pizza, Bellavitano anything, Rogue Creamery almost-anything.

Cheese is great.
Cheese is good.
Thank you cows (and others)
for this food.

I’m basically a sharp cheddar guy as my go-to, but I like them all. I even like pimento cheese, which I’m not sure is really cheese, but stick some jalapeno in it and yum as a sandwich! A soft-spread goat cheese on a rosemary cracker is also a fantastic little treat. Also, good bread and good cheese and heat = grilled cheese! Fantastico! <chef’s kiss>

The base of the BEST pimento cheese spread is a good cheddar, so you’re good there. And I’m with ya. Replace the pimento peppers with some jalapeno and we have a party going on.

My sainted grandmother from my youth made pimento cheese – her branch of the family came up from the South so even though in Missouri she had a touch of Southern cooking. I have loved pimento cheese since I was child as a result, though as an adult I tried it with the jalapenos and was hooked. There’s no going back now.

I an going to learn to make it. I can’t find any in stores that I like. It will be a noble quest.

If I had to pick one cheese, probably Beecher’s Flagship. Though I’d be tempted to say Castillo’s Aged Havarti.

As long as you don’t put mold or other foreign objects in it (pimentos?!), I like basically every kind of cheese.

But, man, that video introduced me to fried halloumi cheese and it looks AMAZING and I’m feeling a real halloumi-shaped hole in my life right now. Maybe I need to call the local cheese shop…

I think right now I probably have 8-10 different cheeses in my fridge, but I’m liking Pecorino Romano so much more than Parmesian and it’s so much more versatile that I may quit having Parm.

Cheddar and aged white cheddar get used on so many dishes, they’re a staple.

Gouda and Guyere on mac-n-cheese - should you make mac n cheese any other way? And gouda on a roast beef sandwich. Hmmm tasty.

We love a baked brie, but if you want devine brie, you need to make Brie en Croute by adding walnuts, brown sugar, cinamon and bake it in a puff pastry.

When I really want to spoil myself, and lately that’s every time we go to Costo because they now carry it, is Beecher’s flagship cheese. This is a cheese you can melt on a burger, it’s a cheese you can have a slice of and be in heaven.

This is the correct answer in most circumstances. However, if you have access to fresh mozzarella - I’m talking so fresh that it’s still warm - go with that.

I hear ya that it’s good, like a fresh buffalo mozzarella in a caprese salad with home grown Romas and basil. Yes, yes indeed. You can sometimes find Galbani shipped quick enough around here to still be amazing.

But as a cheese it is, in my opinion, more about the consistency, chew, and seasoning (salt) used in the mozz. It missed the twang, earthiness, smells, and tastes of more complex cheeses, mostly because they are easier to enjoy. What’s sad is that it takes a truly fantastic mozzarella before we eat it and think, “damn, that was fantastic!”