A clock for grandma

I’m looking for a clock for my grandmother. Haven’t had much luck finding what I want yet. My grandma doesn’t see well so I’m very particular about what kind of clock it should be.

Features it must have:

  • Must be lit or have a backlight for nighttime use.
  • Must have a large digital display. In base 10.
  • Wireless, at least some of the time (batteries? charger station?) so she can put it next to her at night.

Features I’d like:

  • Self-setting (RF atomic)

Most of the clocks I’ve seen do not meet all of my requirements. And the ones that come close have some bonus features: they talk or they make nature sounds or something.

Bonus features that are OK:

  • Radio alarm
  • Weather display
  • Undead detection

Any hints are appreciated. The winning entry will be rewarded with a postcard! :-)


Nothing fancy, but seems to fit the bill, although no zombie proximity indicators.

If you froogle it, you will find better prices.

I like the display on this one. Self-setting & battery powered, with alarm, date, day, temp, and Moon phases (werewolves, hello?). Lacks undead detection.

3.75" x 4.5" x 1.75"

Froogle link.

I like that, too. How does the EL work? Think it’s that big button on the top?

According to the PDF manual they link, it lights up for four seconds after any button is pressed. I’d guess that includes the Snooze button, which is that top one.

Congratulations, mono and Quenan! Your clock choice has been approved by The Powers. Hopefully grandma will like it.

PM me your address for a postcard!