A curious "Who's going to E3?" question

This is on behalf of a friend of mine, who is working on a couple of preview articles about E3 and could use a hand with research. Basically, she needs to find developers who will be showcasing casual games or flight sims at E3, then contact those developers for info, screenshots, etc. to put in her articles.

She’s got lists of developers attending E3, but there are hundreds of them: going through them one by one would take insanely long. And she’s working freelance on this, so she doesn’t have the industry contacts or resources of the professional publications to help her.

So basically, I’m looking for suggestions on how to find said developers: which forum(s) to poll, which website(s) to search, etc. Anything which might help track down who from those areas is going. And if you are or know a developer who will be showcasing casual or flight games at E3 this year, please let me know.