A Daily Show Classic

I’m looking for a catchall Daily Show thread, and cannot find one. If one exists, please link and I shall direct this thread there.

But for now, three minutes into this episode, I wondering if this is going to be a Daily Show classic: Jon Stewart’s farewell to Glenn Beck.

There’s a Jon Stewart thread around, which I think was the catchall Daily Show thread.

I saw one from 2008, but that seemed like it had a short lifespan.

In any case, tonight’s show was OK, but ran out of steam near the end, especially when you have a chef as your interview guest.

Here ya go: http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=51731

Is a clip for this online anywhere? Must see!

Now that Trevor Noah is no longer host of the Daily Show, I figured I’d resurrect a more general Daily Show thread.

I really like what they’ve been doing the past few weeks, trying various hosts for the Daily Show.

It’s been interesting to see how certain comedians who are usually really funny and on point have not faired as well as hosts.

Leslie Jones’ timing was way off, I thought, especially the first night, but she got better later in the week.

D L Hughley I usually love, but man, he was a terrible host throughout the week.

Sarah Silverman was really great most of the week, I thought. Her first night was a little rough but she got better and had some really material.

Hasan Minaj was the best host so far, but he also had the most practice since he used to host his own show on Netflix (Patriot Act, great show). He also had the best segments with the other correspondents, I thought.

Kal Penn’s episode from last night was great, but his timing really needs work, I think. Hopefully he’ll get better through the week.

I only watched two Marlon Wayans episodes, but man, they’re as disgusting as his movies.

I haven’t caught up on the Wanda Sykes or Chelsea Handler episodes yet.

I’ve heard Al Franken is still coming up. I can’t wait to see him again.