A Discovery of Witches - BBC

I noticed that this started last night on BBC America. I enjoyed the books. Did anyone catch the premiere or see it in the UK?

Tivo taped it, but I haven’t watched it yet.

I watched it on Shudder a few months ago. It was ok, and pretty, but ultimately I not sure I’ll follow a second season.

Question for those in the know- what the hell (ha!) was up with Demons in the show? Is it explained better in the books? They just seemed like normal people- like, literally nothing supernatural about them at all. It’s ok to answer in a spoiler tag if you think it’s necessary.

I would have rated it OK if it wasn’t for the goofy romance. The vampire didn’t quite start sparkling in the sunlight but it was otherwise not suffering from a lack of eye rolling scenes.

I got bored of it after 2 episodes, though my partner carried on for the entire first season. She seemed to like it.

Mine relentlessly mocked the romance, which otherwise might not have gotten as much notice from me.

I am not familiar with the property, but I love figuring out new mythologies and rule sets to a universe so I kept watching if only for that.

So, having read the books, I decided I’d check out the TV show. I was pleased to find that it had just wrapped up last month and so there’s no need to wait to finish it. Made it through season 1 so far, and I’m pretty pleased with how well the story translated. As with the books, you have to be willing to overlook the cheesy whirlwind true-love-in-a-few-days romance, but beyond that it’s well done. I’d have rather they picked a Miriam about six inches shorter and an Ysabeau 20 years younger, to be more like the characters in the novels, but that’s just nitpicking. And in at least one aspect I think the show is quite a bit better than the books…the danger posed by the Congregation and their allies is much more obvious, building throughout the story instead of just popping up in a couple of places.