A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)

Good luck with Game 2 you guys. If things go swimmingly I’ll see you in the third one, I hope. Orrrr BSG maybe…

Whew, I’ve tried a few times but the panic attacks are just awful. I decided this time to just slap myself across the face and remember where they’re coming from.

I owe you a game anyways but I will let you pick the crazy configuration when you are up for it.

IIRC Craig brought it up, not I.

I do plan on running one soon. Was just giving this bout of crazy space to breathe since it is, you know, new. And breaking peoples brains.

Also I am in!


Has anyone determined whether good had any way of figuring out who was evil? Or if some other strategy than the one we used would have done so?

We definitely had a few missed opportunities with powers. In retrospect we should have executed someone first round (probably me) which would have gone a long way towards resolving your role as undertaker being legit which could have had serious advantages.

Scott’s use of the ravenskeeper power was, in retrospect, a big miss for good.

I think had we got either of those things right we could have sorted it out. We also we’re that wrong.

Someone smarter than me can probably find some flaws in our information sharing decisions.

@Lodgium Thanks for running this one, I am 100% onboard for game 2.

I don’t expect this from new players as much, but Good has a lot to gain by bluffing the demon. If Casey, for example, had got the demon to believe he was a powerful good role on day 1 he might have been killed by the demon that night, which a) saves your powerful roles from getting killed and b) takes the saint loss out of play. This invites a need to establish trust with at least one other person, though, so the good team doesn’t do you in for lying or accidentally double-claiming, etc.

Casey and Jostly coming out early was a tricky thing to parse as more beneficial to good or evil. Sure, you get the baron in play, which narrows misinformation possibilities, but the demon suddenly has two fewer targets and can more easily blind hit a power role (which is what happened).

The ebb and flow of information and private conversations is tough to get your head around, for sure.

Thanks @Lantz and @Lodgium!

I debated what to show there for a while. For most of the early game it was Baron, and for a brief time it was Recluse to bait a few people into thinking he was a spy showing as recluse, I settled on poisoner in the end because I wanted to preserve a bit of ambiguity.

Absolutely this.

I think that it made perfect sense for an Avalon type mindset, so I think that it was totally understandable.

A link to the game 2 thread

Wow, I really thought @Knightsaber was the least likely, probably because I didn’t remember all of my predictions from a week or so ago. :) Thanks for running the game @Lodgium and count me in for the next one!

I had you as likely voting for my execution in the final counting :)

Oh hi! I am travelling this week, so not good for me to join. I am interested in trying this game.