A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)

No, I think that’s right. If the Imp were to try to kill me, another player might die instead. I’m guess it’s because I’m wily and know all the hidden places in town and the demon will have trouble getting to me.

Oh, I missed the other player might die bit. Of course this is “might” so it’s also might not.

That’s why I’m suspicious of hard gunning for the Mayor. It’s the most reliable way for evil to kill him.

Mmmm. Ok I see your point.

I think everyone currently alive has voted, and the gallows stand ready.

I’ll follow in the footsteps of the Rev. George Burroughs

Our father, who art in heaven…

I don’t really know what ‘hard gunning’ means. Unless it means ‘nominating’ or ‘voting’.

Edit: As @Matt_W notes, all the votes are in. Anyone having second thoughts, want to change a vote here?

I think the dead must choose to wether use the token or not.

This also seems to imply that if the dead waste their tokens it will be impossible to get an execution later in the game?

What’s the threshold for executions based on, number of player or number of live players?

I’m assuming my vote doesn’t matter here so I’ve abstained. If that’s not true, please let me know!

Just the living.

Ah cool. So yes, it’s over the threshold already

In this case, the difference between 5 and 6 votes does mean something (makes it harder to execute somebody else today), so I needed you to confirm your intention to abstain (which is mechanically the same as voting NO, by the way, neither costs a token and the only check at the end is the number of YES votes), which you just did.

Verifying the outcome now…

I’ll confirm my NO so I can save my vote.

5 YES votes were cast, which is more than half of the 9 living players.

@Matt_W Is taken to the top of the tower, but isn’t pushed off just yet.


Are there any other nominations today?

Yes. I wish to nominate Lantz.

I’ll sum up the reasons that I’ve posted in the thread during the day:

  • The Chef is a lower-value target than the Mayor, his power already spent
  • From my point of view, both are equally likely to be evil
  • Evil has trouble killing the Mayor except by execution, let’s not do their job for them the first thing we do
  • What happens to the Mayor at night can be revealing
    and, one more I realised now:
  • If we have an undertaker, we gain more by knowing if the Chef is true than the Mayor; the knowledge that we have one pair of evil.

@Lantz, you have been nominated for execution. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

Honestly I don’t have a huge logical defense.

I think that Rowe is very likely to be telling the truth so I am confident that Matt is evil. I don’t have much to convince anyone of my innocence other than my early reveal of my role and information vs his late reveal.

Trading 1 for 1 seems a little questionable but I am not against killing us both if the group decides.


But also everyone vote I guess.

I will vote No

Voting begins! Vote in thread, YES to execute @Lantz, NO to keep @Lantz alive.

5 YES votes are required to tie the previous vote, 6 YES votes are required to execute (unless a later nomination gets even more votes).

Voting will end 24 hours from now, or when all players have voted.

@Lantz, I have your NO vote recorded.

Going to have to review my PM’s on this.

But hey at least something has ranked choice voting.

I vote yes, since I also trust rowe33’s info.