A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)

I vote yes, since I also trust rowe33’s info.

Gonna have to go No.

I also vote No.

There’s an rules wrinkle here people should be aware of: If both @Matt_W and @Lantz hit exactly 5 votes, neither one of them will be executed.

No, but just because I don’t know what I’m doing.

@Lodgium I vote no.

I’ll vote no and prevent the split vote today, even though I was going to nominate @Lantz after we were done with the @Matt_W vote.

yes even though it doesn’t help

I’ll vote no too.

Dead votes can’t change the outcome of this execution so:

Final Tally: 2 YES votes. 2 votes neither ties nor exceeds the 5 required.

@Matt_W remains ABOUT TO DIE

Are there any further nominations?

(Again, if there are no Nominations for 24 hours, or everyone who can still nominate declines to do so, I will move on to Night 3)

Neither @jostly nor I can make nominations. Anyone else?

I nominate the darkness!
Oh… well, no nominations, then. Alea jacta est.

Well, much as I think the village is better off with me alive, I also think Lantz and I are our best leads and no other nomination is likely to succeed. I will decline to nominate as well.

No nominations either

If anyone is confused, take a look at the other scenarios and their characters. They’re insane.

No nomination here

none from me

I am disinclined to start off another round of funsies.

I think @Dave_Perkins is the only eligible nominator left.

Thank you for the ping! No nomination from me. @Lodgium