A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)

Well, I’ll get things started and say we have a Baron, because I’m an outsider.


If this Baron business is true, we have 5 townsfolk and 2 outsiders instead of 7 townsfolk, right? I am one of the townsfolk.

Edit: also, is this right, that if both @CaseyRobinson and @jostly believe themselves to be outsiders, then there is no Drunk in the game?

If they are telling the truth, then that would be a logical conclusion to draw, as a drunk would not know that they are the drunk.

Is anyone else an outsider? Speak up if you are. Having more than 2 declared outsiders means that someone is lying.

I am certainly an insider (unless I’m drunk, but I’m not going to add that to every sentence), but I think it’s best to leave it at that for now.

It might be better to be a bit more cagey with roles. If @CaseyRobinson and @jostly are telling the truth about being outsiders, then they’ve narrowed down the list of targets for the Imp. I’m a certain Townspeople and I have some information to give out.

@Matt_W whispers to @CaseyRobinson
@Matt_W whispers to @jostly

OTOH, if anyone is one of the roles that only gets starting info (washerwoman, librarian, inspector, chef) then maybe speak up now so we can get that info out in the open?

Maybe PMs should have a common title so that people can easily tell, something like:

Blood on the Clocktower Game 1 whispers

Perky_Goth whispers to scottagibson
Perky_Goth whispers to Knightsaber

Scottagibson whispers to Perky_Goth.

The rules say there are 0 outsiders in this game, and immediately two players say they are outsiders?

Clearly I do not understand the rules.

If one of the minions is the Baron, the consequence is that there are and extra 2 outsiders.

Ah thanks!

Also I’m not convinced that it’s worth the effort for everyone to have to declare every time they whisper to someone. Is anyone really going to pay attention to all of that noise? I guess as long as at least one person says yes, they are making a spreadsheet and entering every whisper into it, and the spreadsheet has macros, then sure.

I’d also suggest that since neither of the outsiders has said they’re the saint, we probably do not have a saint on our hands and can breathe a little easier.

Yeah, this game is kind of insane, probably in a good way. You’ve got to read and keep in mind the roles cheat sheet.

There are two fewer townsfolk, replaced by two outsiders. And two declared outsiders also has consequences: if they are both telling the truth, there is no Drunk in the game.

Yes, that too. So if they are both outsiders, we know what roles they probably are.

If the demon can coordinate behind the scenes with the minions without any visible sign, I think that makes it quite difficult for the rest of us.

It is very worth it, I think. Not every whisper will be significant, but some of them will be.

Ok fair enough! As long as someone’s finding it all useful.

@jostly whispers to @Matt_W