A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)

I don’t think I want either unless somebody has a good reason to. I think @jostly is good, but I don’t have a strong enough feeling about anybody else being evil.

I think we have a majority backed plan, so let’s go with that. No nominations.

None here

Cake or death? No! Cake AND Death! At the insistence of the angry mob, @jostly is to be fed cake until death.

@jostly is executed. The game continues.

It is now Night 4.

Stuff is happening…

It’s honestly nerve-wracking right now.

Day 4 dawns. No deaths occurred in the night.

Town Square
@scottagibson Dead No Vote Token
@Dave_Perkins Alive
@CaseyRobinson Alive
@Matt_W Dead Has Vote Token
@rowe33 Dead Has Vote Token
@Lantz Alive
@Knightsaber Alive
@Perky_Goth Alive
@jostly Dead Has Vote Token
@Juan_Raigada Alive


Who did you protect?

Also, @Juan_Raigada should have some info for us.

Seems like we can file KS in the good column :)

Lantz whispers Knightsaber

@Dave_Perkins too

Bear in mind that the Imp can choose to kill an already dead player, which would produce no result.

If you don’t want to kill one night, you can choose a dead player instead. This can also help you bluff well as the Soldier or the Monk, as no death of a night-time makes it look like your Soldier or Monk ability triggered.

It’s a win regardless, since nobody good was killed.

@scottagibson whispers to @Perky_Goth

Names are on the bottom, I think it is right

Edit- in reference to Scott’s post about the chart

Yes, I misread it for a moment my bad.

Perky. I figured my whispered target got around. I seem to have been correct, I think.

That, or the Imp decided not to kill anyone.

Hence ‘I think’.

Perky? Kind of hard to believe that evil would pick Perky over you if they couldn’t decide between Juan and Dave.

Maybe KS is Drunk???