"A Game of Thrones: Genesis" announced


Developed by Blood Bowl devs, Cyanide.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis’ plunges you into the heart of the battles and intrigues between the Families that shaped the Kingdom of Westeros. However, victory does not necessarily result from brute force. The innovative game mechanics provide players with numerous paths to success: will you opt for a military, economic or diplomatic approach? Trickery, treachery and deceit are widespread and you will constantly have to watch your back if you want to avoid a bitter defeat!
Peacefully or forcefully annex surrounding territories, besiege enemy castles, send spies to infiltrate behind enemy lines, assassinate trouble-making officers or capture them to ask for a ransom… When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground!

Finally… a new game for my Sega Genesis. Its been too long.

Might be useful to add that the game seems to be based on the ‘A song of ice and fire’ series, a (at least in my opinion) very good (dark) fantasy series…

This might be something worth looking forward to.

That title is dreadful. ‘Genesis’. Ugh.

A Game of Thrones: Phil Collins

What part of ASOIAF seemed like it would be a great basis for a strategy game? I mean, sure, it might be a good game, and if it is I’ll probably get it, but ASOIAF isn’t exactly a property I’m eager to see people make videogames with.

Will be… a RTS?

I dunno, I think a good Crusader Kings or Total War style strategy game with LOTS of emphasis on family relationships…and family relations, wink wink nudge nudge…could work.

Doesn’t “dark” fantasy mean Harlequin Romance Softcore Porn Fantasy these days? Sex with vampires and werewolves?

For what it’s worth, I was pretty much enjoying “A Song of Fire and Ice” up until “A Feast For Crows,” which was so jam-packed with filler it made me wonder why Martin took so long to release it.

The board game was moderately well reviewed, and given the developer, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an adaptation of that.

  • Gus

I’ve always heard the series described as “dark, gritty fantasy”. I’d love an adaption of the board game with decent AI, I can’t get my buddies to play it nearly enough.

Actually there’s a boardgame based on the books that’s pretty good:

and there’s a pretty good card game as well. Just basing something on the boardgame is a possibility, or something similar to the total war series of games with some richer diplomacy and hero unit mechanics would do nicely.

Not as good as the original version, A Game of Thrones: Peter Gabriel.

The Game of Thrones strategy board game by Fantasy Flight is an excellent strategy game. So the potential is there.

You’re thinking of urban fantasy. It’s easy to get confused because they usually throw dark into the title or the subtitle, or the subtitle to the subtitle. Also, they’re pretty much just pure erotica at this point.

“Dark Desires 2: Romance in the Dark. A Gabriel Dark story.”

I think he was thinking of the “Dark Romance” genre, in the Barnes & Noble “Teens” section.

Oh, sure, you can make a good strategy game with ASOIAF trappings. It’s just not exactly begging for an adaption.

“Would you like to fly an X-Wing?” Yes, yes I would.
“Would you like to be a Jedi?” Yes, yes I would.
“Would you like to be a colonial marine dealing with xenomorphs?” Yes, yes I would
“Would you like to be a SPESS MEHREEN!” Yes, yes I would.
“Would you like to be in charge of the Starks?” Well, no, not really. The things that are awesome about ASOIAF (characterization and plot development, basically) don’t strike me as readily translating to a strategy game. Or any game, really. Which isn’t to say, again that you can’t make a good strategy game loosely tied to the series (admittedly, it’s possible the board game is a much stronger adaptation than I give it credit for. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t played it).

But hey, HBO’s doing a series, might as well make some money.

No, I definitely mean Dark Fantasy. Though perhaps Fictionwise is mis-labeling them, since the theme does seem to be universally urban.

Seriously, I couldn’t write parodies that are as bad as the actual blurbs.

  • Gus

I’d like a game like Romance of the Three Kingdoms X which combines RPG and strategy elements. Let me play as any character, with the possibility of becoming the ruler of my own faction and the ability to interact with other characters, as well as command armies and oversee domestic policy. If it’s just realtime Civ with more emphasis on diplomacy and spying, I won’t be all that interested.

oh hi, fuck you GRRM
more “cashing in on the series I’ll never finish”