A Game of Thrones RPG -- It's here!

Whoooo! I got my 60MB pdf copy for free (bitches!).

I preordered one of the 500 extra super deluxe limited signed editions, but while those have been printed, GRRM’s month-long vacation (as a reward for finishing Feast for Crows) means that he can’t sign them until next month. So until then, Guardians of Order (the makers of the role-playing game) are appeasing me and the other pre-orderers with free pdfs.

What’s it like?

I was tempted, but said no once I saw what they had posted… I like the tri-stat system okay, but the art was kind of weak, and it’s not a game I could every actually imagine playing.

Neat! Im in the middle of Storm of Swords right now after a 10 year hiatus on reading fantasy…i’ll have to check it out!

Has anyone played the Game of Thrones CCG or board game? How are they? I dont play any boardgames or CCGs but some of them look fun.


I really enjoyed the Game of Thrones boardgame. It can be a little unbalanced but it’s a lot of fun.

The game mechanics for the board game are well done but the map is unbalanced. I would like to see the gameplay but with a map designed from the beginning just for the game.

It’s frickin’ huge. 578 pages. And it’s stuffed with text. I mean, off the top of my head, there’s a history of the fantasy genre, an interview with GRRM, listing and details on every character in the book, the RPG rules, tons of NPC and bestiary information, an encyclopedia of Westeros, tons of artwork, maps, etc.

It’s suppose to serve as the RPG/art book/source book for the novels. I’ll have to spend more time breaking it down and absorbing it.

If you make me wish I’d bought it I’ll be very cranky.

The expansion helps a bit, making fleets a lot less powerful among other things.

I didn’t like the CCG much and was underwhelmed with the boardgame. It’s fans, however, think it’s the successor to Diplomacy. It all very hard to tell where AGoT is concerned, because so many people are die-hard fans and will love anything in that world, whatever it is.

So this thing finally came out a week or so ago. At least that is when my copy arrived.

Its a damn fine looking book. Good paper, solid binding, overall one of the most well put together books I have seen. Tons of art, though the quality is mixed bag. Some really great stuff and then some stuff that makes you wonder why in the hell they included it.

It has the rules for D20 and Tri-Stat, and also some background info on Westeros and the world of Ice and Fire.

I am sure I will never play the game but its a nice companion book if you are a crazy fan of the series.


I ran a tri-stat game for a while (BESM). It’s a good system at heart, but ultimately the character creation system allowed the group munchkin to powergame me to death.

and it’s not a game I could every actually imagine playing.

Call me cynical, but I think most people who buy RPGs today don’t actually ever get to play them unless it’s, you know, Vampire or D20.

Anyone check out the Serenity RPG yet? =)

I fully intend to play the Girl Genius RPG, when it is released. I just have to force some people to play it with me.

A lot of licensed RPGs are taking this route. Game of Thrones, Serenity, The Penis Tentacle Flower Game That Shall Not Be Named…

We’ve played both the CCG and Boardgame here recently at the office. Of course they both become a lot cooler if everyone who plays is a fan of the books, however in the case of the boardgame it felt like there was a solid boardgaming experience there despite the license, while the CCG was really only good because of the license.

The CCG I found has way too much going on and tends to bog down very easily. For example, characters can initiate 3 different types of attacks so you have to calculate the combat strength that each opponent has in each of those three areas when trying to determine whether or not to attack.

I also just got the RPG book and so far it looks pretty good, combat is WAY more lethal than in most d20 games as characters tend to have very few hit points. For example most classes tend to gain about 8 hit points to start and recieve 2 every level after that. A lot of emphasis is placed on the social aspect of things and of course there are no straight up wizardy/magic classes.