A game worse than Postal 2?


Somethingawful seems to think that this is the worst game evar.


Holy Christ is that bad.

— Alan

Oh…my…GOD…I must play this in order to say, “Yes, I have played the worst game ever created.” What would CGM give this one?

Negative five stars.

Though I have to admit, any game that has “Rape Apes” as an enemy can’t be all bad.

I think they stole this idea from American McGee’s Grape Ape.

This looks absolutely atrocious. Problem is I’m the sort of guy who plays this sorta bad crap just to have the experience. Hell I even spent $2 on Island Peril, if anyone remembers/knows what that game is. It is really friggin’ horrible. FPS where the best armor is a yellow rainslicker…

I REMEMBER THAT GAME! I read about it AGES ago, and wanted to try it, but could never find it…whether that’s fortunate or unfortunate, I’ll never know…

From where I’m sitting, it still looks better than MOO.

I REMEMBER THAT GAME! I read about it AGES ago, and wanted to try it, but could never find it…whether that’s fortunate or unfortunate, I’ll never know…[/quote]

It was an interesting play. Really bad but I feel kind of fortunate to have played it 'cause now I know what a truly bad game can be. Hell you were having to save your secretary ‘Sweet Cheeks’ from the bad guy ‘Evil Boss’. It was a really bad game.

I can’t wait to get home and play it. It sounds pretty good, actually. Hopefully it will do for third person action games what Battle Raper did for 3D fighters.

Wow you actually bought Island Peril???

— Alan

It was the same day I bought the first System Shock. It was a little computer store close to my house, they had a bunch of older games for $2. Island Peril was out of morbid curiosity while System Shock was because I had heard really good things about it. I think it was $4 well spent.
I have a habit of picking up pretty bad games once they get real, real cheap.


Bad games are like bad movies. When they’re cheap, they’re suddenly good.

Agreed. Hanji didn’t do too bad spending only $2 for a game. Hell I’ve bought quite a few “bad” games for $5-$10 because I had heard things about them and at that price it isn’t so bad. Gradually I am making my way through all of them and learning what made them bad.

Personally, I’m waiting for Sniper to hit $5 or below in the local EB. That’s when I’ll swoop in. :D

Island Peril was brilliant. It starred the creepy guy that also was the lead in another fine Atlantean Interactive product, “Alley Cats,” still the finest strip bowling game on the market. With the immortal line, “2-4-6-8, big boobs make you play great.” Truer words have never been spoken in a game.

Atlantean was part of the Vivid porn empire. They also did the immortal “Catfight,” which had no redeeming qualities beyond not formatting your hard drive (you could literally just crouch and beat every fighter in the game; I guess that’s not a bug, but a “cheat”). I gave it 0 stars before it was fashionable and edgy to do so. So take that.