A golden day in P&R

Holiday stress, maybe? What ever it is, it’s produced more one liners and pure, distilled insanity then… anything.

Yeah taken all in one dose it looks like there are a bunch of pathetic nutballs hiding behind their Internet anonymity to say things they’d never have the balls to say face to face.

I don’t know Angie personally, but she strikes me as someone who wouldn’t shy from calling anybody proposing what Ben did a miserable son of a bitch in person.
Whether he’s so repugnant in real life is another matter…

No, I’d happily call Ben a fucking idiot directly to his face, over the phone, via videoconference, pony express, or even a fucking telegram. I have absolutely no doubt that Angie would be absolutely willing to repeat her statement as well, though you’d have to ask Matt about her “balls” quota. I find it hard to believe that Ben would seriously discuss his ‘rape tickets’ idea outside of the internet, however.

Note to the curious: Quatoria is, like, ten feet tall.

So at the next meetup, is this a classic case of “We ignore P&R and drink beers with Ben” or is it all “FUCK YOU BASTARD I HATE YOU!”

Do the calling of the bitch by pony express, 'cause that’s style.

Man, Stoker, I’m glad he’s on the side of goodness and light in the universe.

Based on the one meetup I’ve been to, P&R is mostly ignored outside of P&R, just like it is on the boards. Sometimes people mention offhandedly that McCullough reads a lot of blogs, but that’s about it.

Even so, we might not be too quick to leave Ben alone with the ladies.

Why do the ladies get preferable treatment? My keister deserves protection as much as anyone.

I call for a designated Pyramid Head to be with Ben at all times.

I’ve got to be honest, UMac’s first rape joke, everyone kind of awkwardly laughed thinking maybe it was some sort of Koontz reference. After, like, number five or so? I think we all just sort of realized that he only came in the hopes of meeting some guys interested in acting out his prison-rape fantasies.

I’m pretty sure I can still get into the ol’ apron. We never did find out if Ben wants to volunteer to stop genocide, after all…

Glenn: no wonder you were always just leaving!

I’m surprised so many people took Ben’s (admittedly tasteless) rhetorical device at face value.

But then I remember I’m on the Internet and it makes sense again.

Fixed that for you.

Yes, quatoria, because my history of, er… What now? Being pro-humanitarian intervention? Yes, I’ll admit that. I do think it’s terrible how the West lets millions of rapists and killers do their thing so long as they are doing it in Africa.

Yes, it takes a big man to make a tasteless joke. I’m lucky I have the internet to shield from the mild rebukes that would follow. I’d have to apologize and change the subject!! Oh, the social discomfort!

The anonymonity shield goes both ways, if someone tells a joke one finds offensive in real life one doesn’t freak out with the “fuck off and die!” tantrums. At least I don’t, though as a caveat I am an adult with no diagnosed mental disorders.

Maybe you’re such a tireless defender of decency that you throw down in bars when you hear someone claim his boss is gypping him on overtime, but I doubt it.

Matt, Angie and Tim!!1 Why will you not use your rael naems!! WHAT DO YOU HAEV TO HIDE!!!

I believe that’s irony.

Or is it hypocrisy? I always get the two confused in cases so blatant as this.

Anyway, this is quite certainly my real name :)

I can’t speak for quatoria, but I personally do make a point of voicing my displeasure when I hear someone use the word “gyp.”

Ditto. I do it face-to-face, and I do it online (as was recently seen by my intrusion in a thread in the Games forum).