A Good and Cheap 8800GT 512MB

Microcenter has the eVGA 8800GT 512MB for $219.99 + $6 S&H = $226, which is a full $40 lower than the lowest on Pricegrabber, according to Slickdeals.

It’s worth noting that eVGA is an awesome company with the best tech support ever.

I had a great experience with their card too. ONLY caveat to eVGA is that my last card of theirs, the oc’d 7800GT, which rocked, had fan speed control disabled, and it was fairly loud.

It’s to protect the card, which makes sense, but it was a little loud.

My local CompUSA had the same product for 199.99. But, of course, you have to live local to the store – and it’s just about closed up for good, now.

My local CompUSA had shitty video cards (the top end being 8500/8600 or last gen ATI 2900XT).

I wish there was a Fry’s here.

Fry’s never has 8800GT’s in stock around here.

Best Buy never has them in stock around here. It makes you wonder who in the hell buys all those other cards on the shelf? They are always fully stocked on crappy video cards with never an 8800 in stock.

yawn that’s not that good of a deal. This is a good deal. Pay attention to the forum feeds, not to the useless frontpage news items, half of which are dead or OOS by the time they get there.

Galaxy GeForce 8800GT 512MB - http://www.ncixus.com/products/index.php?sku=27328

$230 - $40 rebate + $12 Express Shipping = $202 Shipped AR.

I’d pick the first deal over the second one any day. eVGA is a brand I trust, Galaxy is not. Even if they are both mostly just using Nvidia designs, I’d still feel better dealing with a brand I trust than one that is an unknown in case of the need for a replacement/return/whatever.

Also, I’d rather buy something for $219 with no additional effort than buy something that is $230 and only becomes $189 after dealing with a mail-in rebate. Fuck rebates.

CCZ: I would note that the Galaxy one is a 2-slot card, which probably has much better cooling. I know of this card already, it uses GDDR3 instead of GDDR4. It saves quite a bit of money since GDDR4 is pretty expensive for minimal speed increases.

You, sir, are clearly not the kind of people who browse SlickDeals/FatWallet trying to get the best bang for the buck (rebates are always a part of the consideration there). I suggest you stay away from deal threads and buy yourself a nice XFX with its double-lifetime warranty and guaranteed better-than-normal performance.

Myself, I think buying an 8800GT right now is not the best idea, wait a month or two for more video cards like the 9800GX to be released, it’s bound to drive down prices.

Oh, wait nevermind. I guess the regular 8800GT 512MB has GDDR3 as well.