A grave injustice has been corrected in competitive Dragster

Todd Rogers’ infamous world record 5.51 second run in the Atari 2600 game Dragster has been revoked after it was proven to be an impossible feat.

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I love the weird tone of the ruling, like a king handling grave matters of state (it reads like the royal “we” is being used).

I’m always amazed by the by the sheer bloody-minded perseverance of speedrunners. I’m even more amazed by the psychology of people who bother to cheat at it, like splicing videos and stuff. There’s no money in it and very little glory, so why bother? I guess a speck of glory under a pseudonym is better than none at all?

Wait, so there’s an article about Twin Galaxies that didn’t include an interview with Walter Day?

It’s worth noting that the fake Dragster record, while the most important due to its Guinness status, was tame in comparison to many of Rogers’ other fake scores. His Atari 5200 Centipede record, for example, was claimed as a flat 65,000,000, several orders of magnitude higher than the second-place score of 58,078. He had other scores that were proven to be impossible due to how a given game’s score counter worked, and many of his claimed scores would have required an incredibly consistent multi-day marathon session to achieve, made even less believable by the consistent lack of evidence any of these scores ever happened. (Many of these scores were “verified” and entered into the database by a former TG ref Rogers was BFFs with, and since TG didn’t have a dispute system until mid-2017, there was no way for anyone to say otherwise.)

Perfect fodder for a King of Kong sequel.

My guess is that there actually WAS money in it via appearances or other things otherwise he wouldn’t have lied so much and for so long and continued to do so even after it was proven untrue beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Todd Rogers made a career out of being the “king of video games” so there was definitely some money there. These days you can make decent money as a full time streamer but I suspect it’d be harder to keep up the charade since everything is happening in real time – it’s not common for top runners to do a full run while offline because they’d be giving up potential revenue. In any event, good riddance.

Well I didn’t vote for him.

For reference:

TLDR(W). Todd lies and Twin Galaxies are likes to cover up the lies.

Yeah that’s why