A Hat in Time is so good I'm gonna die

Everyone knows the scene in Despicable Me when Agnes see the stuffed unicorn at the carnival game. “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die,” she states simply. So the Steve Carell mad scientist character has to win it for her by blowing up the booth. As they walk away from the smoking ruin, Agnes clutches her newly won unicorn and snarls, “It’s so fluffy!” Her voice has dropped several registers. It is ragged with mad glee at the fluffiness of the unicorn, now locked in her fingers. It is so fluffy.

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I remember very well the first time Tom streamed it, and how I couldn’t care less for that overdose of fuzyness.
Ten streams later, I feel a bit sad when the week doesn’t end with this game. Feels less like the week-end. I know some regulars disagree. Heretics!

So glad you could make it, it says effusively, taking you by the hand and pulling you forward.

It isn’t apparent at first, but it shows.

This sounds delightful and something I should probably play given my reaction to Breath of the Wild.

I’ve been playing Nier: Automata a lot recently and, reading this review, I feel there could be parallels between it and A Hat in Time with regards to them having the usual game-y stuff but instead of it being the focus of the experience, it’s often a means to revealing something a lot more interesting or surprising. I love that kind of stuff. I’ve been more than happy playing Nier: Automata on Normal too just so I can savour the unpredictable ride and its many unique moments. I really don’t need it pushing back hard like a typical Platinum game. If you’ve got something cool to say, let me hear it.

Anyway, I’ve wishlisted this. Thanks for putting it on my map!

A very nice comparison, and I heartily agree - they are both solid games in the minute-to-minute gameplay, but I think what elevates them both to being great are the surprises along the way, both small and large - new gameplay mechanics that you get to use for a short while before they are discarded, larger structural changes, smaller meta-jokes. I wish more games would go out of their way to surprise and delight as much as these.

But anyway - this is a great review that really gets to the heart of what I loved about the game.

Gorramit. Just like that, a game I wouldn’t have looked twice at goes on my wishlist. Nice write-up, Tom!

I wish demos were still a thing. I’m interested but I’d like to take a test drive.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on it for the console release early next year.

Fingers crossed that they somehow make it a Play Anywhere title.

Once I knew what I want to do, Hat in Time had no interest in challenging me on the solution, any more than a riddle should expect you to phrase the answer a specific way.

Someone has no respect for the old school parser based games from Sierra and Infocom!

Ha, now I’m thinking of the time Bruce tricked Tom into playing Trinity on his YouTube broadcast. Good times.

I often disagree with Tom about games, but it’s usually when we want different things from a game. He’s a good enough writer that I think I can tell when the thing he’s praising a game for is something I want, and wow do I want more games to do the kind of things Tom’s describing. And he explains what Hat in Time apparently does right a lot better than most of the positive reviews I’ve read of the game.

Steam Sale Ho!

What a great read Tom. Like the comments too. Nier Automata sounds pretty amazing if it parallels the gameplay surprises.

Thanks for the gifs. They explain a lot.

Nice write up. Shame it isn’t coming to switch.

A reminder, Get the DLC now, only today is free.



At first I was confused, because I couldn’t find the DLC on the Xbox Marketplace. Then I was enlightened, as a google search told me that this was only on Steam. Then I was annoyed, because I figured I didn’t own it there. Then I was surprised, when I found that I do in fact own A Hat in Time on Steam! And now I am wondering, how did that happen? Was this in a humble bundle or something? But I am also pleased, free DLC woohoo!

Yes, a monthly.

I supposed the DLC would also be on consoles. Maybe it will be released later there?

fake edit: I found an official faq:

_PC: Seal the Deal DLC is scheduled to release September 13, 2018. _

Right now we’re putting all our energy towards releasing the DLC and the Nintendo Switch version. We have plans for more content, updates and modes for A Hat in Time, including an additional unannounced DLC. But for now we’re just focusing on the Seal the Deal DLC, the free co-op DLC and the Nintendo Switch release.

Wait, this was actually released on Xbox?