A Hat in Time is so good I'm gonna die

Yep. I almost bought it on the last sale on Xbox, but I decided to wait until I no longer have Game Pass.

Oh my god, the co-op character is so adorable.

I’m so glad this game has a camera to take snaps!

I actually started A Hat In Time a couple of weeks ago before hearing about the DLC, and while I was slow to warm to it, I’ve enjoyed it so much more than Super Mario Odyssey. It’s consistently surprising and exciting and full of amusing little details and moments. Honestly, screw moons and ‘all the cool stuff unlocks after the credits’ nonsense. I want that stuff from the get-go.

I can confirm that not owning A Hat In Time means that Steam won’t let me add the free DLC to my account. It was worth a try though, since Xbox lets you do it, so I thought maybe it works the same way on Steam.

if the first Death Wish mission is representative of the other 110, this is going to take a while. man that was hard.

What’s Death Wish exactly?

A new challenge mode (think hardcore difficulty), with stage remixes and new harder objectives and hidden collectables.

It seems if you die several times while in Death Wish, you are rewarded with this…

and then you are offered an option to lower the difficulty, lol.

That is awesome. I might have to play in Death Wish just to see that. ;)

also it keeps track of how many times you die. i’m up to about 20 on the second one. it is good fun.

That’s amazing and dreamy.

This kind of thing is why I’m so much more impressed with A Hat In Time than Super Mario Odyssey. It’s off script.

This review/thread made me play the game since I had a key for it from the humble monthly, and I am glad I did. It really made me nostalgic about those days as a kid playing Banjo-Kazooie to 100% without internet guides telling me what to do every step of the way.

A Hat in Time itself has a charming style, I liked the atmosphere of the game and I was happy that it worked well with mouse and keyboard. The story was… ok? I’m not sure I should even call it a story, it’s just a random mish-mash of cute or cool things appearing on screen in a somewhat sequential order. There is the threadbare bones of a story there, but the game only pays attention to it 3% of the time.

The platforming was fun, although personally I wasn’t a fan of the more claustrophobic levels like the train ones. I prefer open space. Some of the boss battles really pissed me off and I had to replay them a number of times. This is probably not a big deal to its core demographic, I guess I am too old and have made the error of thinking my time is too valuable to be repeating boss battles (yet I will waste time on the internet haha).

I thought the collectables system was a huge tease. Early on I turned the sprint hat into a scooter, and I thought that was so cool! Then I saw every other badge on offer during the game and most of them were lame. Some badges were so essential for just navigating levels it meant you couldn’t ever get rid of them (hookshot for instance), which limited loadouts. The hat system with the yarn was pretty good, but again there’s only like 5 hats. That’s about it for the collectables, besides the main mechanic of collecting the hourglasses.

The world’s didn’t feel open enough, or large enough. I understand it was a short game, but I would rather a handful of carefully designed large open spaces to explore.

Anyway, since finishing the game I have been reading about Yooka-Laylee and it sounds like it might be much more my thing.

The game will be released on the Switch, it seems it will be released first on Japan this Spring.

This was the announcement.

Second dlc, with new level + 50 player online mode.

Is this game super hard? My reflexes are pretty awful these days.

Also, the game is 50% off on Steam right now.

Base game isn’t. It’s more on the easy side. DLC is harder, from what I understand.

Pretty much what Turin said. There are some tough parts in the main campaign if you try to pursue the ‘time rift’ stories but otherwise it’s all very forgiving. The main world of the Seal the Deal DLC is fantastic but the ‘Death Wish’ mode which comes with it is very difficult, but not essential. It’s more for people who want to keep going after they’ve scrubbed the base game of content. I dabbled with it and was like “nyeah, I’m good”.

Is that Katey Sagal?

This game is finally on sale again this week on Xbox. $18.

Too busy with Game Pass games though. How does one find time for non-Game Pass games? Perhaps I should put it off again to the next sale.

My son and I started playing it together and it didn’t really keep us interested. It seemed perfectly average.