A heroine for the QT3 generation

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That scrabbling sound you hear is someone being dragged scratching and clawing into irrelevancy.

Are entertainers still speaking on politics? Its hard to hear the words over the pointlessness.

How about this deal… the entertainers choose two of their members to be the public speakers. The rest of them shut the fuck up. This would be kind of cool… since the two members would take their newfound position seriously and really beef up their political knowledge… they could emerge as a political force… the Hollywood Voice.

US pop star Madonna made a rare foray into politics […]

Right there was when I knew the AFP writer hasn’t been paying attention.

My feelings are ‘can we just all get out?’,” said the [size=6] 46-year-old[/size] star, who lives mainly in London with British film director husband Guy Ritchie, who said she believes the US-led war will not help in the fight against terrorism.

It’s funny how aging hits famous people that much harder.

So informed… so on-point… forget Hillary in 08, I want Madonna.

Versus Arnie?

Versus Arnie?[/quote]

Absolutely. In all seriousness, I don’t think Arnie would be the worst candidate ever. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative, knows a good cigar and how to smoke it…