A Jewel of a Letter to the Editor


It’s a naescent A.I., struggling to communicate with the outside world. Obviously, game magazine personnel are the perfect choice for such an entity to start communicating with.


Funny you should say that. I immediately thought of I Am Learn.

You know, I was curious to know his address because he was described as a kook, but this is not entirely kooky.

I wonder what the effects on driver safety would be if all drivers were required to take a simulated advanced driving class, teaching them to be a better driver than would be safe in a real car?

The media is always up in arms about the harm videogames cause, but where are the articles about the immense safety benefits that come with simulated training? Look at how well it works for pilots.

Perhaps the videogame industry should get behind much wider use of videogame technology for education, and driving is not a bad place to start.

Honda and Sony joint deal perhaps, for new drivers, bundling PS3 with the teen’s new Accord?

OK, OK, farfetched. But completely absurd? Perhaps not!


Can’t you explain why this was removed?

It was a letter sent to the editor and included the sender’s full name and address. I’d guess that is why it was yoinked.

A heady moment of poor judgement on my part.

We’ve decided that publicizing letters to the editor outside of our letters section is not prudent at this juncture.

1000 points of light.

Stay the course.

A kinder, gentler bomb exploding in a 1000 points of light.


Careful, now. This skirts within a nastily close perimeter to the old “murder simulation” arguement that pops up from time to time.

“A play for bath Guys cannot make fun. Such a thing would not sell itself also.”

  • Alan