A Journey of 1000 Miles in 2023 - fitness tracking and accountability thread

Ya…I am paying the monthly just because I love to have everything feed into Strava. I just bought another Garmin after selling my Coros and no problem, Strava. But, we are working on hard core budgeting this year, so not sure about keeping it either.

PS. DC is the best.

The secret to getting past my toe problems with running shoes is toe socks. Apparently I already knew this because I had a few pairs from 12 years ago when I was a runner. I dug some out, went for a run in shoes that were causing me problems and my toes were fine. I don’t understand why exactly, but it worked.

I’m going to try toe socks. I’ve got some shoes with a wider toe box and those seem like a good fit.

Today was a half marathon I’d gaily signed up for a while back. It kind of clashed with my intended run, both by being a bit longer and as a race pushing me to think I should run faster. I think I did it faster than my slower previous one, and slower than my faster one, which is fine. Had a reasonable amount of energy at the end, and nothing really hurt, so hopefully the training regime can carry on intact :)

The course was two and a bit times round Central Park and included the ‘amusing’ experience at mile 6 or 7 of being lapped by people peeling off to finish, it being mile 13 for them :/

Cool, I never thought of toe socks! I can a bad blister / callous on one of my toes because the one next to it is slightly crooked and it gets stepped on by the other toe. These seem like they would help.