A Let's Play of Paradox's grand strategy games...like, ALL of them, from Imperator to Hearts of Iron 4

This world is the messiest I’ve seen from a grand campaign. Absolute chaos all over. Starting in Imperator rather than CK3 really made a difference.

Regarding Women’s Suffrage, we may find that Soqotran women just vote the same way Soqotran men do.

Since you’ve followed other grand campaigns, how has HOI4 worked in those? It seems to me like so much of the emphasis with that game has been on the mission trees being the source of the dynamics rather than more dynamic mechanics. With most of our countries not being historical, I fear HOI4 is going to be a big letdown.

I don’t know exactly how the Vic3 to Hoi4 converter works; the mega-campaigns I’ve played and seen all use Vic2.

The converter from Vic2 to Hoi4 gives every country at least one - and often more than one - “War with [x neighboring country]” focus so that at least some wars start; I believe authoritarian countries get more war focuses than democracies.

It can be a little weird; I’ve seen every country end up at war with Japan or India, for example, but there will definitely be large-scale fighting. The converter may correctly identify some of our European main characters (Julich, Carthago Nova, Italy, and the UK) as analogues for real-world France, Germany, Spain, etc. and give them reasonably appropriate “War with [other European country]” focuses. You should get some kind of world war, it just won’t be fascism vs communism vs democracy. It may not know exactly what to do with our Soqotra, but best case scenario you’ll get a “War with Marathas” focus and a “War with Ajuuran” focus, since those seem like your biggest neighbors.

If it doesn’t do that, you may be responsible for tag-switching via the console to start wars that you think are appropriate at a time that makes sense, or justify war goals for the AI. The AI can handle the fighting of wars, but it won’t start them without a war goal available. If it has a war goal, it usually starts them immediately in my experience, regardless of the strategic situation.

I hope that answers your question. :)

I think so! Hopefully the Vicky 3 converter does the same type of thing where it generates war focuses.

Back in our world, Women’s Suffrage breezes through the legislative process.

One thing that’s been fascinating for me to see over the last few decades is the emergence of Okhotsk as a major target of migration. It’s SoL is one of the highest in the nation, with a much larger population than you’d expect. All, seemingly, because of the extensive coal mines in the region. The neighboring provinces have gold and oil, but coal is king.

We’ve also been evaluating some of the core territories that have fallen behind and have undertaken projects to lift their people out of poverty. To that end, we put our new very modern Electrics factories in the Trucial Coast, and even electrified the province to support radio manufacturing.

Check out our glorious new canal! No stuck ships in sight.

And with the ladies able to vote, suddenly the Social Democratic Party rockets into power.

It’s an awkward pairing, and not the most stable government.

And they immediately get to work attempting to enact their liberal agenda.

Speaking of liberal activities, remember when those illiberal Bulungans broke away so that they could starve their people? Well, it’s time we fix that.

We demand they change their regime, under our watchful hand, of course.

Well, as our glorious freedom armies approached their lands, they backed down. Shame that it means the whole regime change thing is on hold, but as a benevolent overlord surely we can help the Bulungan peoples’ plight.

While we’ve been eyeing finally bringing the Soqotrans trapped under Ajuraan’s thumb back into the fold, Carthago Nova in civil war yet again is too good for us to pass up.

A slight problem when Dai Nam chooses to join on the Carthago Novan side.

And while we’re fighting that two front war, fascists start shit in South Africa. These must be the guys who are pissed they aren’t part of Carthago Nova anymore. Hard to believe anyone would long for those pathetic days. Fascists!

On the bright side, our naval landing in Brazil went off without a hitch, and it looks like our approaching invasion into South Peru won’t meet much resistance either.

And while the numbers of troops Dai Nam fields look scary, an examination of their armies shows that they are a century behind. They soon realize it’s hopeless and capitulate.

The South American theatre is a mess.

It’s a race against the clock now. Our sudden success all over the place vs waning war support.


With Carthago Nova going into default first, it seems we won the race. But our economy is spent too.

I don’t really understand the math behind income changes when you’re in default, but we were and it tanked our income. It was touch and go for a few months but after some big changes were made we were able to claw our way out of default. We’re still heavily in debt but also have a much better balance sheet.


But not without this hit to our GDP

The Social Democrats remain strong and have continued to encourage liberalization throughout the nation, including strong arming our vassals into finally outlawing slavery.

Why is slavery still all over? I blame these guys.

Because it’s not these guys like you’d might expect

And more progressive legislation at home

Hmmm, but maybe giving women the vote wasn’t the best idea?

Thankfully it didn’t turn into that many votes. The Social Democrats are starting to really dominate here.

But the only way to get a reasonably legitimate government is to include the fascists for some reason? Whatever, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I mean, their leader doesn’t even have a moustache!

Plus, we live in the future! Aeroplanes!

The British are getting aggressive looking to conquer a good chunk of Korea.

Here on the cusp of 1925 we’re solidly the #2 nation in the world, with the British head and shoulders above everyone.

Is there even a United States of America or does this world just have the CSA?

I think slavery eventually got banned in Harry Turtledove’s historical fiction series where the Confederacy got AK-47s from time-travelers so I guess Victoria 3 isn’t the first imagined future where the CSA isn’t a slaver country.

I’m both pleased and displeased to discover that Soqotran women vote like men, meaning a bunch of them support the social democrats and the fascists. Surely that guy-with-no-mustache-but-a-big-bushy-beard won’t end up usurping power in the future.

Just the CSA, which remains a British colony. Probably been awhile since I included a screenshot of North America. You have the CSA, which is basically the territorial extent of the US in the early 19th century. To its west is independent Illinois which controls most of the interior. The west coast has more colonial nations, mostly British. Canada is a mix of colonial nations(Illinois is up there too) as is Central America.

Oh that’s right, I remember Illinois being the “middle of North America” country. Thanks!

I had to jump into the game anyway for UX research so grabbed a quick screenshot of North America while I was at it. Absaroka there in Wisconsin is an independent native nation. That and Illinois are only independent polities in North America. That dark green in Mexico is an Italian colony that’s in revolt at the moment. The purple blob down near St Louis is similarly a British colony in revolt.

Appreciate the screenshot!" This looks almost plausible, as if French Louisiana persisted past 1803 and continued to dominate the interior of the continent. I would say that the various independent colonies would have been consolidated by this point, but I think it took decades in real life for “Canada” to become a single entity rather than multiple colonies.

Quick update on the campaign. I do hope to finish out the Victoria 3 portion over the next few days as it should only be one or two play sessions to hit 1936. But, once I do that I’m going to hold off on HOI4 until the converter gets its next big update. From what I’ve read, the Vicky 3 → HOI4 converter doesn’t currently create focus trees. The next update is supposed to do that and it seems like the primary dev is putting a lot of work into that feature, so hopefully it’s got some meat.

Gives me some time to actually get reacquainted with HOI4 too, considering I haven’t really played it since just after it launched.

Makes sense! And yeah, HoI4 is very different now. I’d recommend subscribing to their All-the-DLCs thing for however many dollars rather than trying it without any expansions. It works without any DLCs, but you’d be missing a lot.

It’s now 1929 and we’ve spent the last few years playing whack-a-mole with secessionist movements. Our Standard of Living has never been higher as we’ve continued pushing through government reforms, but the people have never been more radical. We’ve missed the opportunity to jump on some civil wars among the British and Carthago Nova as a result.

Speaking of civil wars, this one made me laugh.

And speaking of that British civil war. This is how they ended up.

And this is how things are going here. The Devout are MAD about us trying to pass religious freedoms.

Ultimately we had to give in to the fascists and pass National Supremacy.

And to continue the theme of Soqotran supremacy, we decide to finally annex Tabiene. Bonus: We get to do some proper field testing of our new tanks!

The tanks perform admirably.

And the Devout have calmed down

With that, we’ve reached the end of Victoria 3

We’ll take a quick look around the world here before we pause until the next version of the HOI4 converter is ready.

Europe and North Africa. I don’t think wars convert yet(but maybe they will), which will leave Italy, Estonia, and Carthago Nova in an interesting position.

Worth zooming in on the mess of Northern Europe.

The New World(note, Britain annexed some of their colonies recently)

The Asian patchwork

Southern Africa

Amazing AAR! Maybe the best ever for a Paradox game here.

A fragmented, chaotic world! Fun to say the least. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the converter. I’m excited to see what awaits us in the 30s and 40s.