A list of videogames from 2023, already released and yet to come

This is a bit of a repost from the E3 2023 thread, where Rock8man and myself were doing a list of the games that will come this year. I thought it was worth exposing in another thread

Games already released in 2023:

Dead Space
Hogwart’s legacy
Diablo 4
Star Wars Survivor
Street Fighter 6
RE4 Remake
HIFi Rush
Age of Wonders 4
Atomic Heart

Pending games


Final Fantasy XVI


Immortals of Aveum
Pikmin 4
Remnant 2


Armored Core 6
Atlas Fallen
Baldur’s Gate 3 : August 31st


Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Sept 26th
Payday 3 Sept 21st
The Crew Motorfest
Mortal Kombat 1
Lies of P Sept 19th
Starfield Sept 6th


Cities Skylines 2
Forza Motorsport Oct 10th
AC Mirage
Lords of the Fallen Oct 18th
Spiderman 2
Alan Wake 2
Alone in the Dark
Total War: Pharaoh


Persona 5 Tactica
Jusant (just Q3 announced, so I will put it here for now)
Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name



This, of course, it’s just limiting ourselves to the ‘big’ games, more or less. There will be dozens more worthy of note.

I can only say… what the hell? I guess I only noticed it for real when I made the list, but this year has entries for some of the biggest IPs in gaming, several of them the type that only release a game every 6 or 7 years, in almost every genre:

Fighting games (Mortal Kombat, SF6)
RPG (new huge Bethesda game, new Zelda, Final Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Baldur’s Gate 3!),
Horror (RE4 remake, Dead Space remake, Alone in the Dark, Alan Wake 2)
Action (Spider-Man 2, Assassin’s Creed, Witchfire, Atlas Fallen)
Dark Souls ‘clones’ : Remnant 2, Lords of the Fallen and Lies of P)
Strategy (new TW, new Cities, AoW4, Jagged Alliance 3)
Racing (new Forza)
Loot drive action RPG (Diablo 4)

Another year to remember like 1998, 2004 and 2007.

That said, I wonder how many will be dropped of the calendar, and will have a short delay to months with less competition, like November / December / January. It would be the best for all, to be honest, September and October are too loaded up.

I’ve got SF6, FF16, and Hi-Fi Rush penciled in for my top 5 this year. I’m not sure what else will make it. Baldur’s Gate 3?

I mean I know that logically there are other games releasing this year besides Starfield, but I can’t think of what any of them are.

RPG fans in special will suffer having BG3, the Cyberpunk expansion and Starfield all releasing in a period close to 20 days

Yea that’s huge.

I would simply finish each one before the next one releases.

I am thinking with Starfield releasing in September , it will end up sucking up the rest of my free gaming time this year.

If you like both RPG and Action RPGs and hey, in addition you have Gamepass so you want to check out Payday 3 and Forza for ‘free’ you will have:

6 days to play BG3 before Starfield
13 days to play Starfield before Lies of P
2 days to play Lies of P before Payday 3
5 days to play Payday 3 before Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty
14 days to play Cyberpunk PL before Forza
8 days to play Forza before Lords of the Fallen

What’s crazy is that the two games I’m most hyped about, Starfield and Cities Skylines 2, will both be on gamepass. Pretty sweet.

BG3 releases 8/31 and Starfield 9/6 with “5 days early access with pre-order” so really 9/1.

Honestly this is the best year I can remember for games I’m interested in. RPGs, check, horror, check, turn-based strategy, check.

Loads of great titles, incoming! Thanks for the list, Turin.

Starfield is one of a small handful of games that I have mixed feelings about being on Game Pass. It arguably devalues the whole game and sense of excitement surrounding the title. Plus the awareness that it’s financially too good to be true means I’m obviously participating in some form of enshittification.

I realize this is nothing new; same goes for streaming films and Spotify. But it’s newer to gaming and a new Bethesda RPG is a Big Deal™. I might not even install it on Game Pass and just fork over the cash for day one. Guess I’ll decide based on the critical reaction the game gets at release.

Of course, then there’s the whole, new $70 thing which I’m not exactly onboard with…

I don’t understand what you mean. Because you can get the game cheaply on a subscription service, it loses its value?

Yeah, to me it has a subtle but real effect on how I feel about each game that releases on Game Pass. Just like, as I mentioned, Netflix films or Spotify music. Since I didn’t make any kind of financial commitment directly to that work of art and the artists who made it (the way I used to) I end up feeling a bit of an internal shrug about even having it. It’s just there now.

It’s the same kind of thing Quentin Tarantino was recently saying…

I hope it’s clear that I’m not taking any kind of one-sided position on this. I’m just articulating a feeling this gently-aging gamer gets from the changing world around me. There is obviously a significant upside to these services that I completely love.

Every year, 3 to 5 new albums by my favorite artists come out on Spotify that I choose not to stream upon release. Instead, I wait and buy them on vinyl so I can have a different experience. Starfield is in that category for me.

OK, I get that. I think. There’s definitely a tactile pleasure that a lot of people will never have, that feeling of removing an album from its cover, placing it on the turntable, lowering the needle. I haven’t done it in a long time, but it’s really cool to have that little musical ritual, if you will, to get you in a certain headspace.

Now I – personally, mind you – don’t have a corresponding feeling or ritual that goes along with video games. But I can appreciate that other folks might. Maybe popping a disc out of a package, slipping it in the optical reader, booting up, that’s that ritual for you, and that’s cool. So if you mean a loss of emotional value, since that’s going to be so personal and specific for each player, I kind of get where you’re going. But when I saw the word value, my brain went to financial value, which I don’t think you intended.

Ha, yeah, but there isn’t any kind of pleasurable, analog, tactile ritual involved in playing on Game Pass vs. Steam. When it’s all digital, it’s even trickier.

It’s more a question of what do my purchases mean and how am I ‘voting’ with my dollars to support these artists. Financial value ends up corresponding to emotional value based on that commitment of dollars.

It takes on new forms, but it always comes back around to Art vs. Commerce. 'Twas ever thus. :)

I get that – when you choose to devote a significant chunk of your limited entertainment budget to a particular game, it’s understandable to also wind up with more emotional investment in it and to value it more highly.

Personally, I find the tradeoff well worth it because for every game in that category for me, there are several that I play and enjoy that I probably wouldn’t have bought a la carte. And of course it’s nice to save money that I would have spent. But it’s a tradeoff nonetheless.

I’d add these to already released: Returnal (PC), Wild Hearts, The Last of Us (PC).

And upcoming: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (July).

On my radar for 2023 but without launch dates: Earth Defense Force 6, Wizard With a Gun, Alien Hominid Invasion, Helldivers 2.

These are supposed to leave early access this year: Last Epoch, UBOAT, and Dune: Spice Wars.

Maybe coming in early access: Solium Infernum remake, Falling Frontier, and Path of Exile 2 beta (they just started dropping short teaser clips).

EDF6 came out last August in Japan, so my guess is this August for the localized versions and then February for the PC port.

Let me revisit this thread. Now by type, and a comment

-Dead Space remake
-Amnesia the Bunker
-RE4 Remake
-Alone in the Dark

Some big names, expected remakes here like DS and RE4, and Amnesia the Bunker has been praised for righting the wrong that was the previous Amnesia. AitD was my first survival horror so I have hopes this reboot is good

-Hogwart’s legacy
-Star Wars Survivor
-Assassins Creed Mirage
-Spiderman 2
-Alan Wake 2
-Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
-Bramble: The Mountain King
-Blasphemous 2

I have less experience here, but I’m sure Spiderman 2 will be super big, and we all hope Alan Wake 2 will turn Remedy again into a name to take in account. And we can’t deny HL sold millions of copies, either.

-Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
-Final Fantasy XVI
-Baldur’s Gate 3
-Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
-Octopath Traveler 2

Perhaps the best RPG year ever? Even by type, too, there is variety (open world western rpg, jrpg, turn based, real time based, first person, third person…) in addition to quality

Action RPG
-Diablo 4

Only one, but the Diablo IP is king of the genre and they release a new entry rarely (this is the second entry in 20 years…), so its presence is already big.

Action RPG/Soulslike
-Lies of P
-Remnant 2
-Lords of the Fallen
-Wo Long

It seems the days where Dark Souls was the only big name and there was a clear gap between it and the rest are finishing. People has liked Remnant 2 a lot, LotF has very positive previews the other day, and people liked the demo of Lies of P too.

-Street Fighter 6
-Mortal Kombat 1

Not my genre, but I know these two are two most popular fighting games, and people will play them for years.

-HIFi Rush
-Armored Core 6

People really liked Hifi Rush, and I’m sure From Software high standing will help AC6 too.

-Age of Wonders 4
-Pikmin 4
-Jagged Alliance 3
-Cities Skylines 2
-Total War: Pharaoh
-Persona 5 Tactics
-Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew
-Dominions 6

Unexpected surprises this year! from AoW4 releasing almost without marketing and being the most successful AoW by far, to JA3 being actually good despite being done by a new dev without experience in this genre 20 years after JA2, Pikmin 4 is also an important game if only because is the only strategy-like big game from Nintendo, then some games like a a new historical Total War or a new Cities Skylines. And a new Dominions, which has a loyal following in this forum ;)

-Atomic Heart
-Quake 2 remaster
-Turbo Overkill
-Amid Evil Black Labyrinth
-WH40k Boltgun
-Battlebit Remastered
-System Shock remake
-Metroid Prime Remastered
-Immortals of Aveum
-Payday 3

Lots of games here. From praised remasters (Metroid Prime, Q2, System Shock) to great indie games (Turbo Overkill, Battlebit Remastered, AE BL), to games where people have lots of expectatives (Witchfire).

-The Crew Motorfest
-Forza Motorsport
-F1 2023

Nothing super big, except a new Forza game. However, we know it wont’ be as popular as FH.

-Crab Champions
-Halls of Torment
-Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

Indie games, yes, but the first four had all >95% positive user reviews on Steam, and the DC dlc was well liked.

-Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
-Let’s! Revolution!

Super Mario Wonder

They all reviewed fairly well, I can’t say a lot more.

Others (some indie games with very good steam scores or MC scores)
-Pizza Tower
-Dave the Diver
-Vertigo 2
-The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
-8-Bit Adventures 2
-Book of Hours

When you line them all up like that, this is turning out to be quite the year for gaming.