A Little Announcement: BB to carry Dell computers

I don’t have all the details, but Best Buy will be carrying Dell laptops and towers. The laptops are due in at the end of the month, while the towers will be in the stores in January.

HP recently overtook Dell in computer sales. Michael Dell came back to the company as CEO. They are selling limited stock at Staples, but this move will get them more into the mainstream of retailing.

I’m working at Best Buy for the holidays in the computer department and it’s surprising the number of people who walk into Best Buy and have no clue about what computer they need. I think Dell is looking to sell their computers to these people too, people who may not even use the internet or want to navigate their website.

I just bought a Dell.

I think its a good idea that’s taken too long. For a base Dell system the prices are pretty decent, for the average computer you get (of course, upgrade Anything and you’ll be better off piecing together a system). I’ve always wondered why they weren’t in retail, seems like the best place they would fit in. Internet shopping isn’t exactly mainstream yet. Close, yeah, but a Best Buy fits more.

(incidentally, my “build everything myself”-self has succumbed to buying an HP for my new computer (thanks to a 30% off internet coupon too). It’s scary how good of a deal these OEM’s are offering on their base systems nowadays. I remember when building your own would own any OEM system you could buy. No longer.
Buy OEM, upgrade power, ram, and vid card, smile.

HP’s been doing well relative to Dell by having their systems resold. This makes complete sense from a business perspective for Dell.

Can I get my corporate discount on the Best Buy inventory if I have one through Dell’s online site?

Not in the stores, which is what this applies to. Best Buy doesn’t have a business purchasing process for its retail stores that I know of. What happens online, I’m not sure, but I can’t see Dell selling their computers online using bestbuy.com except to support the retail stores.