A lot of people have played the latest Call of Duty. Have you?

Title A lot of people have played the latest Call of Duty. Have you?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When October 9, 2019

Maybe you’re waiting on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for this holiday season…

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I played Call of Duty 2 about 12 years ago if that counts. The series has gone downhill ever since.

Hope, sure haven’t! Thanks for asking though.

Wow, I’d never heard of Call of Duty mobile until this article. Who knew?

I’ve known about it for awhile but haven’t had time to try it. They sent out lots of e-mails if you’ve signed up at their site for an alpha or beta in the last few years.

It’s surprisingly solid.

I’ll have to give it a shot! @kerzain is 100% wrong, too.

A lot of people have played the latest Call of Duty. Have you?


No. Will it be on the test?

I am trying to remember if I’ve ever played any of these games. I think… no.

Google does their annual “Best of Year” awards on their Play Store. And I was surprised to see that this year, they awarded game of the year to a game I’ve heard of! Call of Duty Mobile. Must be a google thing, right? They got paid by Activision to give them the award? So then I looked at the User’s Choice to see what people voted for, and Call of Duty Mobile won the user’s choice too? Huh.

Maybe the game is really good?

That depends, Can you Teabag 360NoScope in this game?

I haven’t played Call of Duty since the one with Kevin Spacey in it. I was kinda interested in the futuristic one - Infinite Warfare, I think? - but ultimately just couldn’t justify the cost, as someone who only ever plays through the campaigns. And by the time I could, I had moved on to other games.

The most recent game’s campaign kinda-sorta interests me, but once again I’m kinda balking at the idea of paying full price for what I’ve heard is a pretty short campaign, and a pretty “blah” story. I’ve also never been clear on whether this is some sort of remake of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, as I know Captain Price is in it.

Mostly, I just find Call of Duty kinda tiring now.

EDIT: kinda kinda kinda kinda kinda kinda

It is tiring. I was trying to force myself through the first Black Ops recently and I just can’t do it. It’s so boring. I do own Black Ops 2 and maybe 3, in case I ever do get through it.

I actually remember really liking the campaign in BLOPS 1, because it just goes completely off the rails with the conspiracy stuff.

But then I never bothered with BLOPS 2… or BLOPS 3… or BLOPS 4. There was four, right? Haha.

…still haven’t played LOL

There was, but the single player campaign was scrapped. The final game just had multiplayer. I did play that one because I was curious about the Battle Royale genre. And the Battle Royale map in BLOPS 4 was large and varied and very interesting. I never got a kill in the game, but I had a good time exploring the map and hiding and running away, and laying in ambush and then abandoning the ambush too soon.