A meta thread for video streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, Warner, Prime, AppleTV, etc


Thats “working” from their point of view. From my point of view don’t work and because don’t work for me because I am unhappy with the service.

The catalog drive force seems to be be a showcase. Is shallow and dumb. It need all the classic of movie and tv and the public domain stuff. I can’t understand why all the public domain movies are not in netflix.

Is like instead of having film fanatics tryiing to get the licenses for The Good Stuff, they have some marketing executives?


Ahh. Your reference to capitalism not working implied you were criticizing their business model.


What region Netflix are you viewing btw? Back when I was changing regions through VPN-like service for a month or two, I noticed that between Netflix Canada, Netflix UK, Netflix Brazil, Netflix India, etc., usually whatever movie or TV show I was looking for was usually there.


Netflix Spain.


Netflix has 3 years to figure out how it’s going to replace its most watched show (and one year for Friends, the current #2).


There aren’t that many (worthwhile) public domain movies. For Hollywood, we’re mostly talking pre-1923, and a lot of that stuff was lost due to deteriorating celluloid or fire. And besides, if it’s public domain, you don’t need Netflix to watch it!


Yeah, I mean, I feel people here talking about how Netflix’s ongoing crop of original content is gonna be good enough to make them stick around, but for me personally, the loss of so many bingable great shows (House, 30 Rock, and Doctor Who are the big ones for me) over the years, plus the loss of the Marvel license, are really cutting into my future interest in using the service. She Ra is cool, but I’m not sure it’s $16/mo cool.


I forget if it was here or not, but someone pointed out that one thing that’s going to be really hard for Netflix to create is a bingeworthy series - something with enough episodes that you can watch it without frequent repeats, and that’s watchable as kind of background content. The 10-13 episode seasons don’t help in this regard. Right now Orange is the New Black and Bojack Horseman are probably their closest from an episode count perspective, but I think they’re both a bit… heavy in their subject matter.

They simply don’t have enough time to put together a good, long running sitcom or drama before the big names claw back what’s left.


Ugh. I really don’t like this brave new world. I feel like pirating is going to become a lot more popular again.


Netflix just responded:


I don’t really get the point of paying a sub for background content.


Great news about Space Force. I know I’m going to enjoy that.

I’m one of those who has no problem cycling through subscriptions. Even though Netflix releases content that interests me year-round, it’s not necessarily the most interesting thing to watch in any particular month and I can always catch up. These services obviously want you to sign up and commit but it’s not a big hassle to change settings. 60 minutes of inconvenience spread over the year to save $50-200/year is worth it to me.

This may change when my children are old enough that my wife’s and my viewing habits don’t enjoy absolute rule.


That’s a great point. Rotating through subscriptions makes the most sense, given the fact that you’re binging anyway.


I personally am extremely loyal to Netflix as a brand. Yes, their library has shrunk, but not really thru any fault of their own.

Outside of that, they have always really respected me as a consumer with extremely affordable plans, good customer service, and not too much bludgeoning of me with ads.

Yes, their original content can be hit or miss - but that is the case for ANY network out there. I also think sometimes people forget how much good content they have, because they release a whole show at once and people binge it in two days and forget about it. It is not a drawn out affair like HBO shows.

I will stick with Netflix because ultimately, they will win in this war I think.


I doubt I’ll ever cancel Netflix. Lot’s of solid content, and more coming out all the time. I will miss the Marvel/Star Wars stuff, though. Also, my parents use my account, heh. Netflix doesn’t seem to care, so why should I?

I occasionally sub to the random networks for a month or two to catch up on content I’ve missed for the last year- HBO, Cinemax, Hulu, etc. I do it through Amazon Prime. Thing is, I am probably cancelling Prime this July when my term is up- I just can’t in good conscience contribute to that company any more. I was going to do it a year or two back, then I started the business and it was easy to order stuff for free shipping that’ll be here quick, but I’ve found that I can just order it cheaper and pay shipping from other places. But I digress.

Does anyone know whether you can still sub to channels like HBO, etc. through Amazon if you don’t use Prime?


My netflix don’t have The Office, neither the UK or USA version.
They recently added the 5th Pirates of the Caribean movies, but don’t have any of the others.


Ours only seems to have the first LotR movie and not Two Towers or RotK? It’s very weird sometimes!


It seems most stuff get stuck in the tubes.


Hulu has Iron Man 2, and no other MCU movies.


Licensing is the dumbest goddamn shit