A meta thread for video streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, Warner, Prime, AppleTV, etc


So how will these shows be released? Only can watch on Apple devices?


Not sure we know yet, but Apple’s push to get AirPlay 2 on lots of other devices (TVs, Roku, etc.) seems to indicate they are not going to limit it to Apple devices.


That sucks, though. I don’t want to play a video on my phone and cast it to my TV. I want to run an Apple Video app with my remote control.


So hey, this is pretty cool right? Taika Waititi is working on bringing Time Bandits to episodic TV, double awesome! But it’s going to be on Apple’s streaming service which, uh, ok?


We don’t know that Apple isn’t launching an iTunes app for other players. I think it’d put them at a disadvantage if they don’t, but I can see it being the case.


Apple’s entire business model is trapping users on their overpriced hardware (which has enormous margins), so I’m doubtful they will be very egalitarian.


They’ve already announced that they are putting it on newer Samsung TVs, so I guess it’ll be a Tizen app? And they’ve released a client for Apple Music on Android, so when it comes to services, perhaps Apple is willing to share their bounty.


Oh right, for some reason I thought it was just AirPlay support.

Let’s not forget that they have iTunes for Windows, so when it comes to recurring revenue opportunities, they are more open than some people might suggest. If they’re investing all this money into a new TV service, having it only available on Apple devices would limit their opportunity.

My gut tells me that they will aim to have an iTunes app everywhere you can find a Netflix app, eventually.


Yeah, I was going to say, they still support iTunes on Windows. It’s a flaming pile of dogshit, but it exists and is updated.


So this is a little odd. I’ve had the Hulu add-on for Spotify for a while now…add $3 to your normal Spotify subscription for a limited-ads Hulu subscription. Today, I get a message saying I don’t have to pay any more. Apparently anyone with a Spotify subscription now gets Hulu (limited ads) free, if you link the accounts. I’m used to services squeezing every dime out of their subscriptions, not getting rid of extra charges.


That would be really cool if it supported family Spotify subscriptions or had a way to pay the difference and upgrade to the no-commercials Hulu plan.


Yes, it’s free now but not for family subscriptions and not the commercial-free plan.


Yeah, my gf offered to pull me onto her free Hulu via Spotify, but I’ll continue to buy the ad free version, because, insofar as I can (and I’m pretty adamant about it), I refuse to consume ads to “pay” for shit. Let me give you money directly; don’t infest my time and computer with bullshit, please.


I find my adblock works. But on the other hand if you’re willing to pay for their ad free version I highly encourage doing that because maybe that will convince them to dump the ad shit entirely.


If ads make it cheaper, than I am all for ads. I am a man on a budget after all.

Some have argued that ads are a great democratizer. By having sponsored content, you can give more product away to people who usually couldn’t afford it.


Yes but watching ads makes you covet shit you can’t afford, and keep up with the Jones’s, and all sorts of consumerism. Ads are evil.


I’m sure adblocking works on a computer, but I’m not a millennial so I watch shows on a big-ass TV with a remote control.


Does it? Ads are the only connection I have with consumption since I don’t do a lot of searching.

Like for instance, Lowe’s and Home Depot both do annual sales on Mulch. I never know when it is, and I need new mulch. But, with Hulu, I will see at least one or so ad for either product. No need to constantly check sales flyers or websites. One day, they will have an ad on Hulu, and I will notice that mulch is on sale and I can go out and buy it. Like 20 bags worth.

Since I don’t watch regular television, that is my only exposure to those ads.


Well, that’s your mistake, then.


I got an email from CBS All Access, free month using code MADDASH, should work until 3/22. I think I’ll activate on 3/21 just to be safe. If they keep giving away free months like this, I might never have to pay.