A Mighty Wind

While Christopher Guest films have a very similar ‘feel’, it was very entertaining, enjoyable and funny. I think the capturing of the ‘real life being more bizarre than fiction’ in a fictional reality is part of what makes the films so special. That and the ensemble cast click very well.

“And these were my friends! And they were made from gin boxes!”

Been waiting for this since I heard some interviews with key members that are starring in it and were also in Best in Show.

I could watch Best in Show once a week and not get tired of it. Great array of characters, talented actors, and little to no script. Damn that’s a funny flick.

I just saw A Mighty Wind last night, and while it had its share of belly laughs, I also found it touching in regards to Eugene Levy’s character, Mitch. A really fantastic movie.

Wha’ happened?

It was cancelled due to total lack of interest. ;)

What about Rerun?!?!?!

I don’t know; I finally got around to watching Best In Show last week. While it was more intelligent than 95% of movies that get made these days (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration), I just didn’t think it was that funny. Really, to me, the only parts that were funny were the commentaries during the actual show. The rest of it was watchable, but not what I was expecting. Maybe that’s the problem; maybe I was expecting something different.