A MMO with a real dynamic world?

Although it is now shutdown, Shadowbane had a world that was very effected by player decisions.

Alas, Shadowbane! That’s probably my favorite MMO of all time.

“Trying something different” doesn’t mean you should go with ideas that suck.

Go read about how they’re implementing it. It’s not permadeath, it’s EVE style death + a name change. Calling it perma is bad marketing.

So I guess I can officially throw away my Shadowbane discs then…

Perma-death and open PvP is a bit deeper and different than changing the game avatar setting from a 3rd person dude to a first person ship.
Not to mention, it’s very much a game-killer/community-of-scum-lure as been proven by a long history.

I was under the impression you could’ve done that when that thing came out…what was it called, DarkFall?

I see now that straight out characterizing it as a permadeath game in my post was a tad misleading. :)

I am definitely looking forward to it and the implementation of their death system whatever it ends up being.

It goes even further. If you kill another player you leave clues that other players can use to track you down and get revenge…or mete out justice, whatever. Same with stealing.

Not sure how they’ll implement it, but it sounds pretty interesting.

Thirded. The horrible java client and the way the main developer treats the playerbase means you should never try it, however.

Fourthded? Wurm Online is a really cool concept but the terrible design of the client and the attitude of the developers (Notch included back when he worked on it) really sort of kill it. I’ve been scratching that itch playing Minecraft on a private server with friends, instead.

GW1 also had a limited version of this. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they nerfed it a couple of years down the track.

Fans are trying to reverse engineer it:


And if they do, I’ll certainly give it a whirl. I loved Shadowbane.

Now you can buy Wurm Unlimited! A version of Wurm Online that comes with the ability to host private servers or just play solo.

Can anyone recommend this? It looks cool. I am not into typical MMOs, however this looks like it could be really interesting or it could be super limited or grindy as all hell. I love minecraft if this anything like it, then I would probably love it.

A Tale In The Desert is still around. (It was into crafting before crafting was cool.)

You could do that in Ultima Online back in 97 or so if I remember correctly.
Totally useless skill though, since you needed the 100 points for other skills considering you had a max pool of around 720.