A Monster Hunter movie makes as much sense as the last five Resident Evil movies

The Monster Hunter movie begins filming in September. Variety reports that Paul W.S. Anderson will direct and Milla Jovovich will star as the titular hunter of monsters.

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This is most likely going to be absolutely terrible but I’ll watch it on Netflix someday since I’ve played MHW so much.

The central characters are very relatable American characters. You take a person from the ordinary world who thinks they’re in a dead-end job, they have no future, they feel like their life’s a failure, it’s going nowhere, like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. It’s about a normal American who gets dragged into this parallel world, this Monster Hunter world. Then eventually the parallel world ends up coming to our world. So you have the creatures from the Monster Hunter world invading our world.

Doesn’t sound like the game I’ve been playing. Of course that was before Milla came aboard so I am sure it will be a lot less list Kaiju invading and more like… no it will a living breathing ecological world… nope, it will be more like Kaiju’s invading a giant city with some landmark we can all see get destroyed just to make sure we know what city it is.

I didn’t read it so I just assumed it would actually be set in the game world, etc. Silly me. Don’t need to see MH Park.

That’s an old interview they’re taking from. I guess it could have… changed. I am just not hopeful after seeing that.

The trailer sold me on this movie as being way better than the Pacific Rim movies (which I dislike).

I like how true to form many of the monsters are, and I especially like the game’s crafted armor and weapons that show up later in the trailer. My guess is the explanation will be that the traditional military weaponry they bring with them isn’t effective and they’ve gotta suit up to fight monsters with genuine monster parts.

I don’t understand why they needed to go for a plot involving some dimensional travel. Why not just jump straight into the MH world? It feels rather forced at the moment.

Probably so the audience can see chain guns vs dinosaurs.

Indeed, that looks incredibly stupid.

And the funny thing is, when I thought about what would look the most stupid in a Monster Hunter live action movie, I was really thinking it would be the sword that’s like 3 or 4 times the length of a persons body and is just as wide as they are… they managed to find something even more ridiculous.

We already have a volunteer though so… we’ll all be waiting.

There’s nothing at all ridiculous about a bow and glowy dual blades.

You guys have no eye for quality.

I’m expecting wall to wall monster hunting, unlike that terrible Godzilla movie.

Oh, come on. Dual Blades are heavily dependent on the element for DPS, and Diablos has only one star vulnerability to fire. This is ridiculous and shows they had no respect at all for the source material. Jolovich would get kicked out of the party for using such trash gear for the encounter.


It’s elitism like this that keeps me playing solo offline. I hope the movie is inclusive enough to showcase monster hunters of all skill levels.

They should have brought on Jack Black to play Hunting Horn.

Hey cool, the international trailer shows more of the Palico guy that Tony Jaa plays.

Welp. Good job.

ASIAN SOLDIER: What are my knees? What kind of knees are these? Chi-knees!

I don’t get it.

I didn’t get it either. That sounded like a dumb dad-type joke until I read the tweet.

Anyway, this is going down about as well as you’d expect in China where it’s being linked to the rhyme / phrase “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees - look at these?” which is considered offensive.

How is it used in the film?

I never got that either.

It’s in my post.

ASIAN SOLDIER: What are my knees? What kind of knees are these? Chi-knees!