A Mystery of Epic Proportions

I am a loser. I admit it. After reading the fake boob thread, I am completely unable to avoid posting this link:

(WARNING - EXTREME CHEESECAKE AHEAD (but no actual nudity))


That IS pretty mindboggling. At first I thought the answer was an obvious “uber-push-up-bra” - but those last 2 shots really make me wonder.


Hmmmm. That is mind boggling. Especialy after that shot from her movie. Me confused.

Imagine how Justin Timberlake must have felt :D

Imagine how Justin Timberlake must have felt :D[/quote]

I have, often. :wink:

I saw this a while ago…but if those pictures are in chronological order, then I have no idea how that’s possible.

My theory:

Britney is a natural B cup who had implants that pushed her to a C, but then had them removed.

The variations that make her look to have A or D cups are just your eyes playing tricks on you. ie, she’s reclining so her B’s look like A’s, or she’s bending over, so her C’s look like D’s.

I need to call in our boob expert from the other thread, but I like Roger’s theory. Something definitely happened.

One real Britney, an A-cup with three replicants each in a B, C and D-cup respectively. In a little over a decade Harrison Ford will shoot one of them through a department store window somewhere in Los Angeles.

What is it with all the boob discussion on QT3 lately?

No good games out?

Alternately, she’s a fairly normal woman whose breast size seem to increase and decrease in size depending on her cycle or her weight or the quality, or lack thereof, of her Wonderbra.

My wife suggested push ups when she is showing cleavage and a water bra for the D shots where they are well concealed.

Maybe we can start a “big package” thread for Sparky. Someone can post links to Tommy Lee’s infamous unit and throw in some Fabio shots where his nose was broken on a roller coaster ride by a bird. :wink:

Guest won’t be selling many tabloid papers with that explanation, but it’s probably the right one.

No good games out?[/quote]

If BMX XXX is any good, we can combine the two discussions soon. Unless you buy the PS2 version.

No good games out?[/quote]

If BMX XXX is any good, we can combine the two discussions soon. Unless you buy the PS2 version.[/quote]

Was that Sony’s call? The GC version: Boobs, X-Box version: Boobs, and PS2 version: edited. Welcome to the console wars in Bizarro world.

Yes, it was Sony’s call. Something about upholding “standards”.

Yes, it was Sony’s call. Something about upholding “standards”.[/quote]

This is all crazy talk. Is this one of the signs of the Apocalypse? Boobies for the Kid’s Konsole, but Sony is above such filth. :roll:

Yes, it was Sony’s call. Something about upholding “standards”.[/quote]

That’s great stuff. Committing mass murder, running over and shooting hookers in the head = great kid gaming goodness. The natural depiction of the human body = offensive tripe that has to be purged.

I’m not sure you could call BMX XXX’s girls a “natural” depiction of the human body Desslock, heh. But your point stands.

Here’s my cynical take: By denying BMX XXX full booby-ness Sony has sacrificed sales of that game on its console. But it’s guaranteed that all through Nov and Dec every time some mainstream pub or newscast --the place where mom and dad hear about game stuff-- talks about the offensiveness of the pimps, strippers and boobies in BMX XXX they’ll also mention that Sony and their wonderful PS2 (available at a market near you) cares about protecting children.

Forget the fact that the Xbox has parental controls by default, Sony is going to win some goodwill points versus smut. And anti-smut crusading ranks higher in the US than anti-car jacking does.

Yup, some pretty slick manuevering from Sony. I think Nintendo probably wishes they were in a position to do the same thing, but they’re so desperate for the Gamecube not to be seen as a kiddy platform they’re going to let it through.