A Nerd New Year

So my wife and I stayed in for New Year’s; both of us were fighting slight colds, so didn’t feel like going out.

My older daughter Elizabeth, who will be 18 in a few days, decided to host a New Year’s Party. Four boys and three girls, all high school seniors, came over. Elizabeth had dubbed it a “Nerd Year Party”, and even wore a white T-shirt, tie and Tina Fey glasses (non-prescription, as she doesn’t need glasses.)

They played Left4Dead and Portal on the gaming LAN in my basement office and Magic the Gathering. There was a little noodling on guitar and piano, too. The evening closed with them watching “Empire Strikes Back” on the HDTV.

All in all, I was more amused and entertained than any party I could have gone to, even if I did have to do tech support once or twice. :-D

Why screw up a perfectly good holiday by putting up with random humanity?

That’s brilliant, I hope my Daughters come up with neato stuff like that, that’s really inventive. :)

pix of daughter thx


  • Alan

Should we be worried about how quickly you were able to come up with that?

17 minutes. wow.


  • Alan