A network analysis of the major game streaming services

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

Google seems too large to use a sub-par standard protocol; is there a reason for it? Are they transmitting more useful data than the paper suggests in exchange for the bitrate?

Not sure if that would be the reason (maybe they have a rationale for using a “lesser” protocol), but not everything coming from Google is state-of-the-art in its field. For instance, Go as a programming language has some interesting features, but plenty of shortcomings and issues. So I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has implemented better protocols for streaming.

WebRTC originates from Google and I suspect they took it off the proverbial shelf as it available. It’s a standard used for lots of contact centres in Amazon.

Do tell and the lack of generics doesn’t count.

Of course it counts. It is a major shortcoming, and I’m sure some Go apologists would agree.

This is hardly the place for a discussion about Go’s design issues, so I won’t elaborate on it, but a good start is this article: https://songlh.github.io/paper/go-study.pdf

Interesting thanks…