A new car!

So, my wife and I decided this weekend to, very spontaneously, go out and buy a new car. My wife’s a Mustang girl, so we traded in our '97 on a nice pre-owned (yet just like new) 2002 GT. 8,000 miles on it, and in pristine condition. Leather interior, premium sound, custom wheels, 6-disc CD changer…Pretty much the works. Man, we love it.

If anyone’s interested in pictures, you can see some here. (I’ll not post the images in the thread for the sake of those on dial-up or those who just don’t care that much.)


I wish we could buy Mustang’s here in Australia.

What a fuckin’ waste of money. You could have afforded a sweet level 50 DAOC paladin off of eBay for that kind of cash.

I would suggest for your next whimsical purchase, a new driveway. Car does look nice though.


Yeah, okay…So the driveway’s seen better days. Thanks for the advice – I’ll get right on it. :)

That will be sweet, Murph…lowered about a foot, with a much bigger rear wing, 6" exhaust tip, aftermarket light covers, orange pearl paint job, and a big sticker on the side window of Calvin pissing on that damn PC Gamer Coconut Monkey.

Don’t forget the big red “Type R” on the back, right over the “GT”.

Alrighty, Sparky – I’ll bounce that off my wife and see what she thinks. We bought the car mostly for her, so I think she’d have to agree to something like that.

and a big sticker on the side window of Calvin pissing on that damn PC Gamer Coconut Monkey.

The best one I ever saw was a Calvin pissing on… a Calvin. Who was in turn pissing on the other Calvin. It was sort of like an M.C. Escher painting on the side of some guy’s car. But with pissing. And Calvin.

It’s one of those “Time-release” gravel driveways. Takes a while to break in.

I’ve got my eye on a Chevy SSR, actually. Come on 2003!

Why do people buy Mustangs with metal covers over the seats?

They make convertibles, you know! :-)

…Denny, who hates hardtops

Hey Murph,

Sweet car. Don’t let these pissers and moaners rob you of the enjoyment of that nice ride! That was a nice find for a slightly used vehicle.

Chet - Driveway, smiveway. Let the man enjoy his 'stang.

Denny - Covertibles are for people who like roof leaks, malfunctioning retraction motors, foggy rear windows and increased wind resistance. Hardtop is the way to go.

I bought a car recently and during the process I suggested to my wife that we sell my car (89 Civic with 180K miles), let me take her car (95 Bonneville) and buy her a 2003 Mustang Cobra. Needless to say, that didn’t fly so I got a 2002 Civic LX Sedan instead - nice car, very economical :?


Screw the car, what camera did you use to take the pictures? Nice.

Screw the car, what camera did you use to take the pictures?

A Sony DSC-P31. Taken at 1600x1200 and resized to 800x600 with Paint Shop Pro 7. (Just to fully disclose everything.)

We bought the camera for $219 at Best Buy. Also captures video in MPEG format. We’ve only had it a handful of hours (maybe two handfuls), but we’re really impressed thus far. Great image quality, as you can tell, and one of the least expensive cameras we saw.

Thanks, I’m looking for a camera.

Welcome. I hvae absolutely no experience with any other digital cameras, but this one sure seems like a great deal. I’m happy with the performance, and like I said – it was in the lower third, at least, price-wise.

And, at the 1600x1200 resolution, at least, it takes really clear shots. It’ll resize them for you (but it takes an extra slot on the memory chip), and you can set it to different sizes as the default. There are a couple of different choices for “image quality”, but I’m using the factory default.

With a 64MB memory stick – which we got for about $50 – you can take 64 “fine” (higher-quality images) in 1600x1200, 100 in 1280x960, and 393 in 640x480. It connects to the computer via a USB port, with very little effort (one driver to install, and then when the camera’s hooked up, it shows up under “My Computer” as a removable drive, with the contents in .jpg format).

For videos, you can record 170 seconds in 320 (HQX) format – and I really don’t know what that is – and 680 seconds in 320x240, or 2700 seconds in 160x112.

Pretty user-friendly, too. And that’s all I know about the camera.

Now, back to my car…Man, it’s slick. :)

I’ll race you!

Sounds like a dangerous offer, considering you know exactly what I’m driving and I have no clue what you’ve got in your garage…

But it’s not just about the power, you know. Our car may not be (okay, definitely is not) the fastest car on the road, but it has other attributes.

Just the same, it doesn’t suck in the speed department, either.

But, tell me Sparky…What would I be racing against?

Nah, after looking at the specs for your car, I must retract my challenge. You have the GT (V8, 260hp), I thought you had the coupe (V6, 190hp). I drive an Integra GS-R (1.8L VTEC, 170hp). Although yours does weigh about 600 pounds more. Perhaps after I install a turbocharger? Oh heck, I’ll race you anyway.

Who wants to call shotgun? Wumpus?

Recursive Calvins. Woo, that would be a fabulous band name.

Recursive Calvins. Woo, that would be a fabulous band name.[/quote]

You need a big Calvin kneeling in front of a cross like we have down South. The heathens must be taught that pictures of children urinating on anything is simply not acceptable. Unless I could come up with a tasteful sticker of Jesus pissing on the devil with Calvin’s shit-eating grin.

Or maybe, a Jesus fish. Or better yet a Jesus fish eating a Darwin fish eating a Jesus fish. Are fanatics not just the mostest cleverest people you ever hope to meet.