A new direction for Dawn of War 3


I watched recent tournament casts of DoW 2 and it’s still pretty awesome. Graphically it’s so attractive they ripped/sold/outsourced the unit graphics and made a twin stick shooter out of it a few years ago (Warhammer: Kill Team), which was fun for a couple hours on PS3. It actually might have been just a bit more fun than Helldivers. DoW 2 makes a great case for voice actors getting residuals, imo, because that game is carried by their vocal performances. You never thought RTS unit responses might be considered art until you heard the growl of the Chaos Sorcerer or the Human Commissar barking orders.

Then i saw videos of DoW 3. It not only looks worse than DoW 2 but it’s the bastard child of DoW 1 and a MOBA. It’s unit spam and base building, where the units you built are the equivalent of MOBA creeps. The whole point of MOBAs was to get rid of base building and trash units so that you could focus on your hero powers and micro. It’s as if they reverse engineered the problem in their misapprehension of the solution.


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Man, Relic is copying everything from Blizzard these days, it seems like.


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This is a crap trailer, lets show almost nothing of the game in tiny shards.


Yes… I’m sure it all sounded very artsy to someone.


After playing the three tutorials in CB, I’m likely to blow the remainder of my Amazon gift card balance on this. Son of a biscuit.


I don’t have time for the BETA, tell me moar.


I tried searching for it, but couldn’t find it any more: I think you also really liked Ardennes Assault? (Your review of COH2 here in case anyone is interested.) Would you consider it superior to COH1 or more of a step to the side? It’s been a while since I played the games myself.


MOBAs? In my RTS?

It’s more likely than you think.

No thanks.


I’m going to buy this (OK, I pre-ordered already) only because I like the spectacle, and the goofy gravitas of the DoW series. It does sound like a step back from earlier iterations, but sometimes a fella just likes to watch his Assault Marine dolls crash land on a wave of Eldar and break up their tea party.


The last time I played the original CoH, it seemed like the AI had actually gotten worse then when it first came out. The Axis AI just repeatedly spammed Puma armored cars over and over again. It didn’t use to do that.

This was probably a good 5 years ago, but I can’t imagine they kept on working on an improving the AI, so I assume the last state of the CoH1 AI was just kind of broken and we were stuck with it.


That was my experience over the course of CoH. The AI seemed to continue to regress as time (and patches) went on.


This weekend is the open beta weekend. If you are on the fence, view a stream for yourself. I watched part of the official Relic Entertainment Twitch stream today and it had pretty good commentary and cooperation between the two players playing 2v2 games. If nothing else the saved Video on Demand for that would be very worth checking out.

Edit: link to VoD for the lazy=


Well I came away from the open beta with two thoughts:

  1. I super admire Relic for doing what is essentially a demo, which very few AAA devs bother with anymore.

  2. I’m super surprised they actually did it after playing the game. It’s a multi-hero MOBA that removed hero leveling and gearing and replaced it with buying support units.

I could go on at length about why I find the game to be a failure, but I’ll just say that if you’re remotely interested I suggest you give the game a try for free this weekend before you buy.

I’m sure it has some target audience of people that find MOBAs more compelling than I do. I can play a few games of them a month, but I wouldn’t pay for one.


Heh. I wish it was a MOBA, becasue that’s at least it’s manageable. You only have to control a single hero. This is a RTS with lots of macro/micro, where you have to jump between screens, build stuff, direct armies, use abilities, capture points, retreat when things go bad, etc. And on top of that multiple heroes as you said.

edit: In a way this is interesting, because it shows the game is a weird mix, and for some people ‘isn’t RTS enough’ as you don’t like the focus on heroes, and for others it’s too much RTS as I don’t like multi tasking franticly.


I’m not enthused by what I’ve seen and read. It mirrors much of the above.

Poor Relic. If this flops, are they okay financially? They were in trouble a year or two ago weren’t they?


RELIC is owned by SEGA, I am sure there is plenty of cash. The question is what is next on their development plate, and will be something SEGA wants them to make, if DOW3 flops.


The camera is so close, ugh. And the controls can’t be remapped.


Well, if someone was unsure about trying it because he fear he won’t have the needed reflexes or he lacks experience in this type of game, at least I can say the playing level is super low, maybe because lots of people who haven’t played a RTS in their life are trying it.

I say this because I’ve won my first two games… and my online RTS experience is limited to two or three dozen matches in the 90’s (Starcraft, AoE, Empire Earth, the usual) and Company of Heroes in 2006. That’s it.