A new direction for Dawn of War 3


I really liked the organic look of the Eldar wraithbone on the banshees and titans.

The Dawn of War intro by Blur Studios is still one of the best ever.


I had no idea DOW3 was coming out until I saw an advert for it on GMG.

Seems they’re sticking with Marines/Eldar/Orkz ?


I was poking around and came across the Official DoW3 website and a cinematic trailer that was released today. Neat!


Yeah, that one is probably one of my favorites but this one is damn good, too. I loved seeing the journey of the Space Marine to the afterlife, from defiance to enlightenment to happy acceptance. So well done!


I suppose a good part of the old Relic talent moved on after THQ implosion, because somehow, CoH 1 looked better than the DoW 3 video, despite CoH being 10 years older! And god the performance, when you have slowdowns in your freaking marketing video you have a problem with your engine.



I don’t know if this game will be that different from it’'s predecessors, but I can really never get enough DoW. It was the game that got me into RTS. There’s no series more fun to just zoom in and witness the carnage.


There’s a new DoW3 multiplayer beta sign up here:


DISCLAIMER: That link supposedly boosts my place in line if 5 people use it. :)

EDIT: Oops. Apparently, their links are totally borked. The signup was sent to newsletter subscribers.

I don’t know if this link will work either (itr’s not a referral link), but maybe…?



link doesn’t work.


Yeah, that link is going to boost you 0 places in line for 100% sure. :)


Looks like this is dropping on 4/27.

Several sites have some sort of impressions, but I haven’t had a chance to read through anything yet. Here is the article I grabbed off RPS though, for your convenience!


I’m in! …in 2018 on sale after I buy a new videocard.


Wow, that seems… fast. For some reason I wasn’t expecting this for quite some time.

I’m interested in this game for sure. Dawn of War was one of my favorite RTS games, but Dawn of War 2 left me completely cold. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a divergent opinion from the first game to it’s sequel (at least in the negative direction, I’ve played plenty of sequels that were significantly better than their predecessors). I’m hoping that Relic can recapture the magic that’s been missing for me since the first DOW and COH.


While I’m hopeful about the game in general, I don’t expect it to be much like DoW or CoH. The cover system in particular, which is my favourite thing about those games, seems to be entirely gone (after being massively nerfed in DoW2.


Yeah, my hopes aren’t exceptionally high or anything. The last two games they’ve released have been total duds for me. But with that being said, I don’t have any expectation that DOW3 will be like DOW or COH. I just hope it’s as good as those games were, for me. I’m okay with difference and change, I just didn’t like the direction of those changes in DOW2.

Hopefully third time is the charm. :)


looks like the closed beta has started, or they are at least letting them start to stream today


Who’s streaming? Doesn’t look like Quill18 or ImperialDane have put anything up.


Quill18 isn’t much known for his RTS coverage, is he? I’m not familiar with ImperialDave, though.

I just did a look on YouTube and there is indeed a lot of videos from a few hours ago, for anyone that wants to watch. Man, looking at YouTube channel names makes me feel old. SurrealBeliefs? MasterofRoflness? BigCris xGaMeRx?


ImperialDane does the PropagandaCast, which is one of the main CoH streams. Well, it’s usually commentary on replays rather than him streaming.


Reviews a week early! What is happening?!?!?!?!?

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