A new (minor) complaint about "Far Cry"

No, I’m not going to bitch about the save system–there’s been plenty of ink (pixels?) spilled on that topic.

But I’m going through the “Cooler” level right now, and there are a bunch of places where it’s just the computer playing itself. That is, you come across a place where mercs and trigens are in the same room; so your best strategy is to trigger a fight, then wait around to mop up the survivors.

It’s pretty cool the first time it happens (which started back a few levels), but it’s reached the point where it’s handy to have a book nearby while I’m waiting for the computer to finish its shootout. Yes, I could jump into the middle of these firefights, but when I do I get reamed–it seems like the levels were designed with sitting the fights out in mind.


Hmmm… I only remember having to wait out a couple of brief, say thirty second, fights, and only one of those I actually had to.

There’s the biggie at the end of “rebellion”, where you have to wait before you can run in shoot the crate for the water cooler level. This was probably the most annoying for me–I tried to sneak through in the middle of the fight a few times, and got whacked each time, and sitting it out to a looong time.

Then, in “Cooler” there are at least 3 that I ran into last night in pretty quick succession (and they were long enough for me to get some decent reading in). So maybe it was just those 4 in a row that annoyed me. Part of the problem, I think, is that there’s no suspense until the fight is over–you just listen to the mercs shouting “I’m gonna get you” until the shooting stops–no-one pops out to get you in the middle.

Certainly, up till last night, I’ve been having a blast with the game, and I thought the trigens vs. soldiers thing worked really well through most of “Rebellion”, so maybe the first part of “Cooler” is just a hiccup along the way.


i was loving the game until the invisible enemies…if i wanted a scary game i’d play that aliens/predator one. i know i’m a wuss but i might stop playing at this point, cheap shock tricks like this bug me :(

When you hear the invisible trigens, put on your nightvision goggles. Piece of cake after that.

My complaint about the game: too goddamn hard. I’m on normal difficulty and whenever I’m in a firefight some NPC gets a bullet in me doing all my armor and half my health in damage.

Every. Fucking. Fight.

I mean I understand the sniper headshots or the guys with the big guns putting a burst in you and grenades and shit, but damn. I kill a dude and he drops a fucking pistol and I’m supposed to think the one shot he got off took out a new armor?

That’s what happens when you buy that stuff at Walmart.