A new nemesis for the filmgoer: the Giggler

God, I hate folks who applaud at the end of the movies. Obviously, they’re applauding not because the actors can magically hear them, but as a consolidated show pf preference for what usually is a very mediocre movie (like National Treasure).

I top you all. I was watching a movie and there was a girl who kept giggling at various inappropriate moments.

The film?

Schindler’s List

Yeah, I saw that episode of Seinfeld too (just kidding).

Was that seriously a seinfeld episode? I haven’t seen more than a handful of them. That bastard stole my life story!

Almost. Newman (Newman!) saw Jerry making out with his girlfriend during Schindler’s List (the reason was Jerry and his gf never got to spend much time alone together, so they were all hot and bothered) and told Jerry’s parents and everyone. Hilarity, exaggerated outrage, and astute deconstruction of life’s little foibles ensued.