A new RPG? Does anyone know anything about Silver Style?

Silver Style Entertainment has announced a new RPG for the PC called The Fall: Last Days of Gaia, according to Gamespot. Maybe I’m stating something people here already know, but its supposedly based in year 2083 and will require you as the player, to gather a party of six and cut down the gang warfare that ravages a somewhat post-apolyptic planet. Mentioned features are vehicles of the rusty type, like pickup trucks and a need for survival based elements; Gamespot mentions digging for water, for instance. There’s more here:

What’s really interesting however, is this:

The game is very much still in development, and Silver Style recently appointed former Black Isle game designer Damien Foletto, whose previous credits include Baldur’s Gate II and Fallout 3, to its team.



Silver Style is best known for Soldiers of Anarchy. And yeah, The Fall looks pretty good. I was talking about it a little bit in the Fallout 3 thread a while back.

Really? I really enjoyed SOA, so I’m keeping my eye out on this one.

How come Kitsune is getting better news than I am? Of course, he is getting it from an American site, right? So I guess I should just dig more. It sounds like an intriguing game, if done well. I’m not sure how much this director guy will add to it, but it is promising news.

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Nah, we’re just mad astrosexy. ;)


I WIN! I made Kitsune post a short post.

Where’s my prize?

Spiky dildos and certain liquids not accepted.

On a more serious note, I learned of The Fall from this board. (In fact the bookmark is from November 7 of last year.)

So it would be more reasonable to ask why Kitsune is eleven weeks late. :)

Indeed, I impress the two friends I have in Japan who play PC games when I speak of some of my knowledge I get from here, and the information people show on this board about PC games. Of course, its not very fair, but that’s kind of the point, you see. Anyway, I myself am definitely an amateur in the amount of unique news or information I can present here compared to most. (This isn’t one of the rare times, I think.) But to people who don’t know a lick to English, its fun to pretend like I go to wine-spitting parties with you guys. Of course I don’t lie, I just don’t say I’m not really very involved. ;)

They’re like, “Wow, and you understand them?” And I of course beam and say, “Of course!” (When the truth is I downloaded an English dictionary program that can look up words on the dot when you press CTRL+ALT+W because of this place.) Its like saying you know a famous person! Its very fun!

But I’m still mad astrosexy. Deal. ;)


Just to clarify, Damien was QA on BGII. He didn’t do any design.

I must respectfully disagree with the terms “first look” and “first screens” as applied to and in this article…

To wit: