A new RTS - Planetary Annihilation


Hahahahahaha, saving a single player game is in beta. Hahahahahahaha


I don’t think that’s what he said?


That wasn’t really called for.


Uh, this thread is hard to follow. I only play single player, does the latest update make it a good game, good for $5, or still pretty weak? Thanks


Still weak.




Single player story-based campaign? Nope. Not there. (and wasn’t a promised feature)

Single player meta-boardgame. Yeah, that’s Galactic War. No, it’s not strong.

Single player skirmish AI? Quite strong.

Multiplayer. Strongest.


Sigh, that’s the part I wanted to play the most too, the part that got me to donate to their Kickstarter. Makes me sad, it does.



I was shocked to see this game is still being patched AND there is a community made mod that adds an entire faction.

Trailer from back in May of this year!

Performance update patch was released Monday of this week!

Is anyone playing? How is the expansion?


As a Kickstarter backer of PA, I got TITANS for free when it came out. I have never even fired up either of them, since I didn’t really have a computer capable of handling them. Now I do, so I feel that it’s time to check them out. Of course, I have no clue if I should jump straight to TITANS or start with the original game.


I haven’t played in ages, but jump in with Titans. There’s no need to start with vanilla PA.


Plays pretty well. The Titans expansion adds cool new super units. If you didn’t like the original PA, the expansion probably isn’t going to change your mind about it, but Uber has continued to support it so far and there still seem to be people playing online (if that’s your thing). I’m strictly single player myself and have enjoyed myself on and off with the “campaign” mode.

Interesting fact: the achievements tell me that few people make use of the ability to bookmark camera positions.


Super weird update I just got in the mail; looks like the PA devs are splitting off from Uber to continue working on that game line:

Hello Commanders,

It’s Planetary Annihilation: TITANS’ third birthday, and we have some very exciting news to share.

We are proud to announce the creation of Planetary Annihilation Inc, a new company with a team comprised of original PA developers and long-time community contributors. Our sole focus will be Planetary Annihilation and making PA into the best game that it can be, one ready to take full advantage of the many changes in technology since development started back in 2012.

None of this would have been possible without our dedicated community and so we will be opening up our communication to let you know what we are working on and experimenting with. No more radio silence!


I’d really like to see this game continued. Some interesting ideas in that game.


Weird, but good news. I liked Planetary Annihilation. Curious to see what they’ll be getting up to.


I still love the game.


I am a little curious about this. PA basically has been so widely distributed with bundles and discounts that it has been virtually free. (There’s a copy in the Giveaway thread as I write this).

Is it possible they plan to release a “new” version for revenue? (Seems this has already been done once). The press release implies that they are just going to continue working on Titans itself. Curious how they will make revenue.

Also, does anyone have details as to how the IP was transferred and who is/are the main people for Planetary Annihilation Inc.?


Was that really done for revenue or to try and reset the review status? I think everyone that had PA was given Titans, right? Or was just us backers?


Backers, maybe? It was definitely done to reset the reviews, though.


i can’t recall exactly, but I believe backers got it and there is a discount for original version owners - I just don’t remember.

But yes the main reason was the miserable reviews.