"A New Sith"

Nicely done piece of retconning. Oh, and Fuck Star Wars.

I always knew Chewie was smarter than everyone else.


He’s smarter than the a-ver-age Wookiee. Or mog.

The first part of that essay reminded me of the “Skippy the Jedi Droid” story in an issue of Dark Horse’s Star Wars Tales, which explained the true reasons behind R5-D4’s heroic sacrifice on Tatooine.

I ran across this on another site. It all makes sense, even if he’s going pretty far out with his attributions of motives and actions by Chewbacca.

He’s obviously put a lot more thought into this stuff than Lucas ever did.

But he misspelled Tatooine!

The problem with this kind of thing is that it just gives Lucas the impression that he can continue to come up with utter crap and people will find a way to explain it so it makes sense.


He also mispelled Kashyyyk, but hey. Honestly mistake.

Anyway, awesome stuff. At least someone’s thinking about it, since Lucas isn’t.

To state the obvious, that’s why I - III suck. Why oh why didn’t Lucas hire a Star Wars geek to plug the consistency holes? It’s pretty pathetic when a milieu’s creator can’t be bothered to check his own facts.

Barring the revelation that Chewie’s been working for the Rebellion the whole time and prearranged finding passangers in Mos Eisley, the rest is just completely and totally unnecessary over-explanation.

But I do like the idea that the Force link between Luke and Leia is mistaken as romantic tension. Even though, before ever meeting her, Luke is enamored with her physically (and likes the idea of a damsel in distress).

Han was initially attracted to Leia, not because of anything Chewie may have said but because of how much money she had. And he’s obviously the kind of guy who is attracted to women who find him to be a total scoundrel.

Good, except for this part…

The Millenium Falcon may look like a beat-up old freighter but it can outrun any Imperial ship in normal space or hyperspace, hang in a firefight with a Star Destroyer or outmaneouvre a dozen top-of-the-line TIE fighters. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering and must have cost a colossal fortune to build. How does Han come to own a ship like that? He only thinks he does, actually it’s Chewie’s. Half-way through RotS, we see the Falcon landing at the Senate building on Coruscant. If it’s the same ship (which of course it is) then it was the personal transport of one of the senatorial delegations - a much more likely source to commission its design. That delegatino must have later joined the Rebellion and given it the use of the Falcon. In fact, if the delegation is the one from Kashykk, then the ship may have belonged to Chewbacca as early as RotS.

Lando gets it by winning a Sabacc match, and then Han Solo gets it from Lando in another Sabacc match (though this time by sheer luck). Why the need to have Lando control the Millennium Falcon for several years?

Han is Chewie’s front man. It’s much better, and safer for him, if he doesn’t know what’s really going on. Chewie used to work with Lando Calrissian in a similar way but Lando wanted to settle down

Does anyone remember Lando working with Chewie? I don’t, and I’m pretty sure Chewie was a slave and/or about to get executed when Han Solo rescued him…

As we now know, the rebel Alliance was founded by Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa. What can readily be deduced is that their first recruit, who soon became their top field agent, was R2-D2.

Actually, R2D2 was present during the founding, so he along with Padme are also co-founders.

What Leia puts into him in the early scene is only her own holographic message to Kenobi.

What part of “I have placed information in this R2 unit vital to the survival of the Rebellion” is hard for you to understand?

Aside from those nits, THIS IS BRILLIANT

That’s all Expanded Universe stuff. Take this article as if it’s only working from the movies, which is probably true, and it’s great.

Wow. Quite interesting actually. I like the line of thinking, and, as mentioned, in the context of the movies, it works very well.

Didn’t Lando say something to Chewie about being his old friend and watching out for Han in either Empire or Return of the Jedi?

Yeah, they have a conversation in Empire about how Han won the Falcon from Lando in a card game, IIRC.

More Wookie mind-games.

Yeah, but Lucas approved it so it must be true ;).

It seemed flippant at the time, but now, with this new information, we understad the truth.