"A New Sith"

Yeah, but “old friend” is a term of endearment everybody uses in the films. It’s hard to attach significance to it.

As an avid Star Wars retconner, I enjoyed this. Sure, he goes too far in spots, but it’s all in fun. I can buy Chewie being more involved in the plot - I guess we sort of have to after RotS - but I doubt it was meant to be to the level this dude is suggesting. I also don’t buy Chewie and R2 being old pals. What with all the secrecy and subterfuge the writer alludes to, why have them be spotted together so easily? Some walking green anteater fruit snitched on them (to the Imperials or Jabba, depending on which goddamned version you saw) in Mos Eisley.

I’d be more likely to buy Chewie as a Rebellion sympathizer per his involvement in RotS. If he’s ever had contact with Obi Wan, he’s done it all without Han knowing about it, which is unlikely. He might pass messages along to someone else in the loop, possibly. He may know of R2, but I doubt they are like intergalactic pals that laugh over cocktails on the sly like homeboy suggests.

I am intrigued by the cool little tangential thought given to dumping their cargo the second Imperials are spotted. I’ve always wondered about that bit, truth to tell. I mean, Jabba mentions it in RotJ and to me, it always sounded rather contrary to Solo’s character, to jump the gun and dump his cargo - Jabba’s cargo - so quickly. That dude’s reasoning is pretty groovy, but I have a theory of my own. I am thinking Han and Chewie were paidto dump that cargo somewhere - or rather, were promised to be paid extremely well, maybe even by rebel agents working in conjunction with Chewie. And maybe Princess Leia herself was supposed to submit that payment, or someone aboard the blockade runner. Perhaps its destination was Tatooine for more than just meeting up with Obi Wan, maybe part of it was to pay Han and Chewie.

I mean, how else do you explain this sequence of events:

  1. Han and Chewie destroy their reputation as smugglers in what appears to be a very bush league manner by abruptly dumping their cargo, citing Imperial interference. Why? Solo and Chewie demonstrated under duress that they can hide people on the Falcon, they can’t hide inert cargo?

  2. Han and Chewie immediately (it must be inferred, Jabba obviously has little patience) fly back to the worst place in the galaxy for them at the moment - Mos Eisley on Tatooine. Why? It’s suicide and it nearly gets Solo killed.

  3. It’s unlikely they are even on Tatooine very long, which makes the meeting with Obi Wan very fortuitous. Maybe too much so.

Here’s what I think. The cargo Han and Chewie are carrying for Jabba is made up of foodstuffs and perhaps munitions, as one might expect Jabba as not only using those at his base, but also as typical commodities for gangster types to barter with. It’s the sort of stuff the Rebellion could sorely use. It might even be something big and important, like equipment for a planetary base shield array, like the one the Rebels used on Hoth. I imagine Jabba would have use of something like that, for similar reasons. I can also imagine Jabba hiring Solo and the speedy Falcon for it, and him being sorely pissed off that it did not happen. Whatever it is, it leads me to two lines of thought:

  1. The dumping of it was deliberate, or a cover story. It was delivered to the Rebels for their usage. Perhaps a planned dump site. Han and Chewie are there to receive payment, and even have the stuff transferred from the Falcon to Leia’s blockade runner at their Mos Eisley rendezvous. The payment was supposed to be big, and/or the cargo was a big ticket item and risky to transport. Why else would they head right back to Tatooine? That dude’s thought is one possible reason, but his relies on some form of communication to exist between Chewie/Ze Rebels/Obi-Wan.

  2. The dumping was legitimate. It was done quickly because it was sensitive cargo that would get Han and Chewie is deep shit if they were caught with it, and it was a lot of stuff so they couldn’t hide it. It’s also possible that along with Jabba’s stuff, was stuff meant for the Rebellion and/or Obi Wan. It would explain why Jabba is so angrily perplexed at how Han could summarily dump his cargo, perhaps thinking it wasn’t so much that Han couldn’t hide it in his secret compartments aboard the Falcon. They dump the stuff after spotting the same Star Destroyer that is hunting down Leia. Han is supposed to get paid either way, so he sends a communique to Jabba that he’s sorry about having to dump his stuff and will pay restitution for it, so Jabba sends Greedo to meet Han as Mos Eisley to collect (as Han is expecting payment from Leia and the Rebels, who were waylaid). He’s sitting there waiting for the paycheck and stalling Greedo as Chewie is getting the lowdown from Obi Wan. Greedo gets nervy, shot, and then it’s bail out time as Han figures he’s got to leave and repay Jabba later as his payment contact never showed and it’s too hot to wait around any longer.

Either way, Leia meant to stop over on Tatooine. She meant to have R2 lead her to Ben, and take him with her to Dantooine and take the rebellion to the next level, as well as pay Han and Chewie (if such were the case) for their involvement. I wouldn’t be surprised if a step in the plan was for Leia to book passage with Obi Wan on the Falcon and “switch rides” to throw the Imperials off the scent and get her to Dantooine in much swifter Han, I mean hands, har har. Then they’d try to enlist Han and Chewie in the Rebellion, since they had shot their smuggler’s rep (and it may be what Chewie wants, anyway).

See, Chewie is done doing the smuggler’s stuff anyway, since the final step in preparation is nearly complete, that of the Death Star plans reaching the Rebel base. All the covert ops become moot at that point anyway. But with the Imperial destroyer on their heels, the Rebels forego stopping at Tatooine and taking care of all their business, leaving Han in sort of lurch. So, R2’s mission is to find Obi Wan, fill him in (Luke was unconscious for some time, you know) and then get then to Mos Eisley. It’s why Obi Wan approaches Chewie (“Look for the Wookie.”) and not Han. Han is sitting in the corner of the bar trying to act cool and not fidgety since he’s in the last place he wants to be, but is there for that big payday he was promised, perhaps.

Chewie knows that under Han’s scoundrelous exterior is a true hero. He’ll give into the payday or the glory at Dantooine.

Luke gets involved prematurely, as it were. Oh, Obi-Wan is definitely there to keep tabs on him, alright, in as surreptitious a manner as he can. But, R2 gets nabbed by Jawas (by bad luck). The Jawas are headed away from/out of the Dune Sea, where Ben is, towards the farmlands, where Luke is. They intersect with R2 as he is headed towards Ben first, then come across Threepio as he is heading towards the farmlands (his instincts were correct on which way to head). It’s lucky but no mistake the first farm they hit out of the Dune Sea is Luke’s, as Ben lives close to it. It’s a near miss but 3PO proves his usefulness in getting R2 bought along with him. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ R2 sabotaged R5D4 while on the Sandcrawler, to increase his chances of being bought (knowing 3PO might easily be bought with his binary loadlifter knowledge). Hey, the plan can’t be that tight - the Imperial star destroyer pushes Leia and the gang to take some risks.

I also still maintain Ben looked at R2’s message while Luke was unconscious, then replayed it, knowing he’d be attracted to Leia (one way or the other) and be compelled to go for her and perhaps more for that than his rage over his aunt and uncle being killed (as that is too Dark Sidey). It’s why when they come across the Death Star and Han calls it a moon, Ben says “That’s no moon.”

Yeah, that WAS pretty cool. Kudos to the retconners for making the characters far more interesting than Lucas ever did. Perhaps someday, when the inevitable remake of Star Wars occurs, the scriptwriters for the project will have essays like these in mind.

Ben does “seem to have found it” rather quickly. He’s pretty handy with that R2 unit for someone who’s never owned a droid. Plus he’s completely unsurprised by the information and even glances at Luke a couple times during the scene, if I recall correctly. However:

It’s why when they come across the Death Star and Han calls it a moon, Ben says “That’s no moon.”

I always figured that was because, as a Force sensitive, he could sense the huge number of life forms on the station. At any rate, he seems fairly surprised when he says it. Maybe he’s just surprised the thing actually is as big as they said it was in Artoo’s message.

This was cute, but my “Fuck Star Wars” breaker just kicked in.

They borked the license. It’s over.

I always thought Ben either used the force to find the message or more probable Artoo now knows he’s in the presence of Kenobi and shows the message that is meant for him. That’s the irony of his line, “I seem to have found it”

Forced Alliance

you know, when i write, i realize the goal of writing good ideas is not to fuck up the idea

Ehhh, he’s a little off in his list of options for Luke.
In Epic-suck 1 I think, the Jedi counsel discusses Mannequin’s fate.
The line about “the one who is prophesized to bring balance to the force”.
So Obi Wan should have been expecting Luke to show signs of Force sensitivity.

In episode 4, when the Falcon is taken on board the Death Star, they send a crew in to do a “detailed scan” or something to that effect.
This would have found anything, human, vegetable or mineral hidden on the ship.
The way they avoided detection was to take out the scanning crew.
If they’d been hauled aboard a Star Destroyer, waiting for them (Imperials) to find the contraband wouldn’t really have been an option.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but at some point in one of the movies, or in one of the books, it is mentioned that the cargo in question was in fact a load of “spice”.

Spice running, if I remember right from the role playing books carries the death penalty or something nearly as severe.(huge fine, confiscation of ship, imprisonment…possibly for life)

Otherwise, yeah this guy put a lot more thought into things than Lucas ever did.Though this implies that the subtext is there, and was put there by Lucas. :P
(unless it’s a case of Lucas flinging enough shit at a wall and getting some to stick, kinda like the monkeys with the typewriters)

I know I’m getting my nerd on here, but it wasn’t Luke that was the prophecy, it was Anakin/Vader. Trouble is, he brought balance by wiping out both the Sith and the Jedi in the span of about 45 years.

EDIT: I re-read, and I’m less sure what your point was. Oh, well.

Nice spin on the cargo dumping, but I’m pretty sure that was covered in the Han Solo trilogy. The more detailed the explanation, the less likely any book reader will believe it ;).

Also as John mentions I do recall him running spice and not some vital equipment.

Unless you read the expanded universe crap in which case he did nothing apparently.

Well, it didn’t stay balanced.

He doesn’t “find it”, he taps R2 on the head - dome, whatever - and R2, interpreting that as “get on with it, willya” starts playing it immediately. Which makes sense, considering delivering that message was his primary objective and that was the first chance they’d had to sit down and look around.

Other than that, this is too complicated. Easier for me to just ignore the parts of the movies I don’t like than try retconning.


If you have to make up an explanation for something that doesn’t make a lick of sense, then maybe it’s just fucked?

I got to the part where Obi Wan and Yoda communicate via dead people. It’s just not worth the effort imo.

But that’s the part that’s actually canon!

lol. That just proves my point

The hell you say, Jazar. The hell you say.