A Penny Arcade strip you like and why

What the title says.

My first entry: The perfectly chosen ‘moist’ in the middle panel.

Second: That they could make a few awkwardly transcribed polaroids so touching.

I’m sure I have a favorite in there somewhere, but I’m not going through half a decade of archives to find it.

my favorite is the one where they babysit a kid and get him to play UT and he excitedly tells his mom that he “made some punk bitches suck it down”

or the “World of Warhammer… craft… online” one.

There’s a lot of good ones actually and a lot that don’t work unless you know specifically what they’re referencing but that’s the same for a lot of parody humor.

Not looking for your favourite - for that very reason. Just pick one you like, and say why.

F’rex: Economy of story telling.

That’s the one I’d pick.

So with 3 out of 6 posts, this is just a thread where you post random PA strips right?!

Isn’t Rimbos webcomic thread good enough for you?

I like the really absurd ones best. When I’m trying to get someone into Penny Arcade, I usually show them Claw Shrimp.

I also like the one where someone is revealed to be an alien wearing human skin, but I forget the name of that one and can’t find it.

Pure surreal beauty.

Fuck you in the eye.

That’s right, spunkgutter.

My dick - in your cockslurping cornea.

Also: Because it’s really hot.

In the interest of not having a gigantor thread, I will just link them now.

Classic Tycho.

Next one: That tears-welling-up look that Gabe does - is that a lift from anyone?

Please, say why you like it if you post a comic. That (Senor Hanzii take note) is the whole point.

Composition of the last panel:

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

This one: ‘You’re fly’. Also, the pants. The infernal, billowing pants.

Ever since he became friends with John Kricfalusi, Gabe’s been taking a lot of cues from his art. The way he draws Tycho’s mouth in the strip Daniel links a few posts up is an example.

Also, you realize you’re just going to end up annoying a lot of people who will come into the thread for no reason than to be annoyed, right?

I like the Penny Arcade where Gabe (or was it Tycho?) is doing something really stupid, then gets mad when someone tries to make him stop.

Oh wait, I also like that one where I had absolutely no fucking clue what they were talking about until I read the attached news post.

I’ve always dug this one. The timing of the Prince’s entry is just about perfect, and it’s a puzzler why no stock-issue gravel-voiced antihero has yet uttered that exact line in any game to follow it.

It also was the only strip that inspired me to email them, to say that “I smolder with generic rage” should really be worked into a t-shirt. They obviously never listened to me.

Someone link the PA comic-finder-search-thingy since PA’s sucks? I have so many.