A Penny Arcade strip you like and why

Interesting, thanks. I think Gabe is a significant talent, not least for his willingess to be influenced - the artwork on ‘Lookouts’ is pretty much a copy of Mary Blair.[/quote]

Also, you realize you’re just going to end up annoying a lot of people who will come into the thread for no reason than to be annoyed, right?

Yeah - there’s a whole weird nerd-macho thing around disliking PA. Happily, I don’t give a fuck!

'K, this one is a Tycho bit: the last sentence is spine-tingling.

I tend to use the Penny Arcade wiki or just do a Google site: search. I can’t believe they’ve never bothered to do tags or Web 2.0* that shit up with some user-generated searchable dialog scripts.

I also never noticed that our own David Hellman designed the logo for Dinosaur Comics.

*I said this because I know Zylon is reading and I love him very much.

Haha! That’s really funny how you said a thing implying that Penny Arcade sucks!

Do you have a strip you like? If so, why?

This thread would be more interesting if it wasn’t 95% Sebmojo. Slow down, champ :)

Since I love me some Futurama, I’ll note that their writers have mentioned that a lot of their favorite scenes (especially with Bender) involve characters being absurdly into whatever they’re doing, regardless of how obviously mundane or pointless it may be to everybody else. It’s used fairly liberally on the Simpsons at times as well.

Anyways, I think my point is that despite your attempt at sarcasm, having a certain kind of character (ie stupid) totally committed to whatever stupid thing they’re doing is a pretty solid basis for comedy. There’s just something appealing about a character that really commits to what they’re doing.

For the record, I’m not look in archives for images kinda guy, but I like most of PA’s strips, and feel they’ve gotten consistently better over the years (I read their stuff on Loonygames, bitches!). I find that it’s best to think of them as editorial cartoons rather than funny page material. With that in mind, it’s understandable why they don’t make sense without the context of the news posts.

I live to sever! I mean serve!

That’s my favorite one of all time. I think they jumped the shark shortly after that strip though.


Going to bed now! Slowing down as suggested!

Deep Crows.

Actually, no. The closest they ever got was an oldie where one of them was obsessively playing System Shock 2. The punchline was, if I recall correctly, “I’m going to go pee on your stuff.” Which is about the median level of wit for PA.

At least the character designs back then were tolerable to look at. The lantern-jawed inbred freaks they resemble now just make me want to set them all on fire.

This is one of my favorites. As always, it’s one small detail that makes it, and in this case it’s the /spit t-shirt worn by the Blizzard employee.

Carrot Cake Soup is like the taste of watching girls make out.

That’s awesome.

Another, because it is so true.

I’m not sure why this got me originally.

Here, the funny is in the art.

Start: Pause Game, Hold: Super Pause cracks me up, as does Back: Advance.

I personally like Y: Saute. Hold: Sear.

Everyone else seems to be leeching images off PA’s server, so perhaps this time nobody will bite my head off because they only see a little red square. Perhaps.

I like this one mainly for Gabe’s expression in the third panel.

With the first line I was like ‘oh, hey, he’s just one of those people who doesn’t like PA’ and then I read the second bit and then I realized ‘oh, no, Zylon’s just bein’ fuckin’ Zylon’.

Ugh. I HATE the way he writes. Actually, bloviates might be a better word. He used “o’erhead” in a game review last week, and I wanted to find him and cut his fingers off.