A Penny Arcade strip you like and why

I like it because it’s funny. And it’s funny because it’s true.

Now go post that in the ‘justify this, taser enthusiasts’ thread.


I like this one for two reasons: his face in the last panel and because everyone else here hates Cardboard Tube Samurai.

Ok, and a third reason, I like the art.

I’ve never been a big fan of PA for the typical reasons, but I always get a kick out of this one.

It sort of resonates with me since my wife and I always level our first characters together. When the game first came out I actually spent a good bit of time fishing because it was one of the things I could do in-game that didn’t give me XP. We managed to ding 60 at the exact same second, which was kind of cool, but afterward we relaxed it a bit and just made sure we didn’t quest without each other.

This is a pretty simple joke, obviously, but it’s so well played that I still laugh at this strip, 9 years later.

This one was a hit around the office because I went through an almost identical progression reviewing State of Emergency. Adam and I still say “I’ll buy you yesterday” to each other on occasion.

I can’t help myself:

The first appearance of Twisp and Catsby, which was actually commentary on Jersey Girl.

Leaving aside the creation of recurring characters Twisp and Catsby (since I’m sure some people don’t like them), there’s some splendid non-sequitor absurdity here. But the real joke isn’t until until the last panel. Gabe’s “It’s not for you” combined with his look of utter disdain is brilliant, and the quip has entered into my consciousness forever.

One thing about Tycho’s writing that I think some people don’t realize is that it isn’t necessarily good per se, but it’s good the way that a good commercial jingle writer is a good musician. Tycho can coin a phrase as well as anybody, and he’s simply terrific at knowing his audience and picking what will resonate with them.

The Starforce Saga controller one is the funniest thing they’ve ever done, almost entirely because of the Y button.

This one cracks me up more than any other PA, simply because anyone who has played any RPG game has felt this way at some point. Also, having him scream profanity from a distance is a great comedy visual.

I like this one because the strip’s real joke remains unsaid:

That’s one of my favorites too, rasputin. He actually did heff tvelve metchsteek.

I wouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that Tycho writes the strips. That seems to be the general assumption, but I’ve yet to hear a single one of their podcasts where Gabe didn’t come up with the joke they end up using and, in most cases, come up with the punchline. For the most part, Tycho seems to spend a lot of his time looking at the joke from other angles and offering bad advice that Gabe then ignores to square away the final product.

It’s kinda like Persona 4 and Tycho is Yosuke.

Though he did definitely write this one, which I’ve always liked.

It contains a callback to a certain odd proclivity of Tycho’s.

And this one is basically GAF: The Strip.

I have always been partial to this Lord of the Rings Online strip simply because of the look of merriment in the last panel as he strums the lute.

I like the strip where there’s a fourth panel with the punchline.

My favorite is still the one where they rail against people who write ‘M$’ in their posts.

Kevin, the food court gangsta is a favorite new character of mine. Both of his appearances are great.

First appearance:

Second appearance:

I like the strip where a douchebag comes into a thread about a subject that clearly doesn’t interest him and makes a post just so everyone in the thread knows that it doesn’t interest him. Doesn’t interest him so much that he had to make a post, in fact.

In panel four he suffers a complete rectal prolapse from vigorous insertion and removal of of his head from his ass on far too many an occasion. :(

I liked the Puzzle Quest one. Surreal, pointed.