A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019)

Sequel got a good review at Eurogamer. Coming to Gamepass tomorrow I think…

I never got around to playing the first one. Its probably best to start there? Though the new hotness is always tempting…

The original is excellent. Gameplay is very similar to The Last of Us, if you’ve played that.

Yeah… Guess thats high praise, since Last of Us is considered a masterpiece? Unfortunately I got bored with that game about halfway through and never finished…

SkillUp has some opinions. While he recommends the game, he felt there’s something missing, and it’s more Naughty Dog than Asobo. Severe performance issues on PC, too. Video review:

Same boat here. I love what the story of Last of Us and Innocence brought, but something about the gameplay just turned me off of both games. Very strange for me, since it would normally be right up my alley. Each is still on my ‘I gotta play this one day’ list, but I’m not sure I’ll make it, despite their quality.

If I could set both games to ‘story’, impossible to fail & no need to repeat sections, mode, I probably would dive in right away. Interactive story-telling.

The first Plague Tale wasn’t terribly difficult though (ok, except that final boss, sheesh) and quite short. It’s worth another look.

So missed out on Plague Tale Innocence on game pass, should I try to play that before playing the sequel? I had thought that it would go on sale around the launch of Requiem, but it looks like it’s still full price (seems like a missed opportunity).

I would recommend the game. Do you normally grab the free games on Epic Game Store? I was playing it on Game Pass when it expired, so I installed it from Epic Game Store was able to seamlessly continue my saved game there.


Very interesting stuff. I had to stop reading on the long section that has a spoiler warning clearly marked where they start talking about the ending. I haven’t finished it yet.

The post-mortem reminded me to go back and try to finish the game. I managed to finish three more Chapters last night, and finally quit for the evening when it got too hard.

Man, some really memorable and powerful dream/metaphor sequences in last night’s play session. I can’t stop thinking about them this morning.

I do wish more games played around with dreams and not being 100% literal with reality all the time. I know Hellblade played around with this some, and I remember Max Payne having a memorable dream sequence back in the late 90s/2000, but it’s not very common, for sure.

Well the Far Cry series usually has a few dream/drug sequences, so that might appeal to you, though I have to confess I hate them. So YMMV?

That’s true, I always heard about them and do wonder if I would have enjoyed those sequences. I never got that far in those Far Cry games. I played each one for about an hour or two.

It’s on sale on Steam now.

… because of which I now know why they dropped the French accents form the kids, monsyoor :)

I was just thinking this was similar to but more interesting than God of War, being a third person puzzler/fighter in the same kind of scale of environments… before I realised I also had a little boy in tow. I’m playing Sis of War!

Oh hang on. Now you’ve confused me :) Doesn’t Last of Us have a young girl in tow though? Very different!

And done. Doesn’t overstay its welcome at 10 hours. Very nice game :) Would be keen to see the tech and setting used again, with relationships other than big sister/little brother being explored. Possibly time to move on from the rats also. Not even sure they need a big ‘hook’ gameplay system like that given the environments are so well done.

Having said that, Asobo seem to be knocking it out of the park when they try new stuff, so I’ll check out whatever they do next, familiar or no.

You didn’t have trouble in the prison cells? That’s where I got stuck last time I played. I found that section really tough (where you play as the little boy). I need to get in there and try again! Be Brave!

No special difficulty - it’s pretty puzzley I think - there’s a correct path to take where you’re unseen and everything just works. I had more trouble with combat sections but at least those are quick to retry.

Woo, another game off the backlog. I liked most of this game, but found the last chapter a bit frustrating as the controls aren’t particularly tight when you suddenly have to deal with 4 guards. And when you need to deal with the spell “pillar of rat” it’s even worse. I bet a full hour of my 12 hours of playthrough was devoted to trying to counter spell pillar of rat, but I was always out of mana.

A lot to like about the original game - did the sequel get performance tuned to where it was worth getting, or did it lack in other areas in ways that were less fixable?

I think most people liked it. I played it on Gamepass. It has its own thread…